Tuesday, May 30, 2006

fanna---really a headache

well there was a lot of ho halla about fanna but i didnt liked it....I mean it was not that great a movie that was hyped about.. songs were good,but at times was sleeping in the movie ....Or it might be that lots of expectation were there for this movie...well well kajol was awsome as always and looked slim..cheers kajol..I just hope to see her in coming movies more...
n aamir well trying luck in politics these days ...arre yaaar y trying to be in two boats at a time..well publicity is good but ...I wld say he is good in movies stay there only..or else he wld be the next govinda or jaya bhaduri or like anyother celleb...
Waiting to watch DAvinci..lets see the book is better or the movie......


  1. wow yaar u r giving this blog or rather shapping it into personnel diary....without personnel details..good good ;) great ....keep rocking and keep the faith

  2. a headache u tell me i was bored to death watching the movie..first of all it was the crapiest movie i saw..and to top it the ac of the theatre to which we went was not working ..and delhi summer and it dosen't stop there right front of me a couple with a baby in their hand and that kid kept crying loud right from the time movie started till the end.. so u can very well imagine how i feel..i guess bit more than a headache


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