Tuesday, May 09, 2006

office timepass

what say people what we generally do??????
in office how many of us sincerely work from 9 to 9 any which ways you take?????///
I know sm ppl wld say that they r truly sincere but dont you all agree a bit of mischief in the office should be there, to keep the atmosphere cool.
Sm are bossy kinda ppl ,sm are tortoise ,sm mite be busy in their own world,sm always poking nose into others life to have a piece of cake in theirlife.
Some planning for a switch from their peanut job....

Some just trying hard to make their presence felt in office,sm get it by luck.

well office is a nice zoo if you just sit 2 minutes in your office after wholedays work you would get to see people busy in their own world n you would really find it interesting to have a look around .


  1. Yeah Agree wid ya office is a zoo so is this world don ya think so ?

  2. Lol! A nice post, I totally agree, ppl on orkut.com, blogspot.com, rediff.com , naukri.comand on and on. Still if you ask them to do a favour, they will tell you stories about how much work they have. lol


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