Friday, January 26, 2007


i dnt know how many would have the same plight as mine.....
direction less but with some aim that too not clear...bole tooo "YES BOSS"types...
everymorning i get up with buzz of "ohhh humdum suniyo re""" ma alarm n
the next second i just put it off...wake up again bang bang bang....8.30 oh shit i am late again for ma day nnnn then WHY???/i dnt want to go to the earlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
iwanna sleeep more???dnt Knw
where the enthu has vanished???
Thoughcan wrk better than what am i doin now but i dnt wish toooooo...
But at the same tme cant stay at home no chance...
I know wld get bored of sitting idle .
Well would just wish when would i start liking ma job again ...
Wishing ma boss never come sto know about the same .....or could be possible wld turn up n say "SAME PINCH""hahahahah heheheh...


  1. I know it is tough to do what you do right now, for any girl. But what can I say, be positive. There's no other way to be happy than enjoy what you do or just let it go. You gotta make a choice dear. Any work after sometime becomes mundane.

  2. hey..i totally identify ur anguish with daily routines...but hang in there, it wont get better but maybe you will become immune;-) a new blogger, do check out my blog

    P.S--fanaa sucks!!!

  3. I m not ur boss .. But lemme say .. Same pinch !!

  4. ya... same pinch... lol ..


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