Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Books ...i love em allllllllll

I picked up the phone and my friend called up to say "there 's a sale will u accompany"i said No shopping yaar this time which is hard for me to resist "girls cant resist Shopping and that too sale "
then she said 'LAndmark "BOOKS SALE"and i was game .
Was so happy to see books and i dont know but i think they are like magnets....I used to go see the books n come back and think next time wld buy it..abhi thoda save kar lete hein....but this time it was after2 months ..have not bought any book and there was an urge i need a book yaar...Bahut ho gayi Saving !!!
So here i was ..got 6 books ,and was like my hunger subsided for sometime...
Read this book called "trust me " its by an indian author smwhat liked it..and finished the book that day itself...once i start reading and develop interest,cant leave it without completing...it just binds you .."trust me is a word now just laugh when i hear from some one as it carries an all together diff meaning...."
5 more to go ....am happy
"Landmark is a good place u can go n enjoy reading there ....
u get a lot of variety with diff.sections of books and i like indian author more ,rather upcoming authors...as i do plan to write but dunno when....would be the rite time...
As i just pen down whatever brushes pastmy mind,my thought s..
Would write but dunno what ????hehehhehe
till then "voracious Reading ""i really mean "Voracious"

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