Monday, October 01, 2007

half yearly closing!!!!!!!

29th sept was our closing day for our half year.dunno want it means to the world but for the guys n gals or the entire sales community knows what closing or month end is ???that last day of the month and u wont believe everything will happen against you...smtimes ,.
u can feel the tension ,the blood gushing in ur veins,the teams putting their best foot forward..n here i was trying to get a mere 14,000 short of my target....begged ,to clients if they can help me out this month ,,,
then my boss pinched me u cant even bring 14,0000 ,u mite lose on a certain sum of money for just 14000.
Then was the turn of my Branch manager who told me key account is all about gettin money when u need else whats the use in the relationship which u share with the client s...she forced me to go through all my client and to see where can i crunch the money from,.........
i tried 2 ofthe client and BINGO one agreed to pay more than what i demanded ,i was amazed that finally could be over doing my target.
then it was declared 1stoct be our closing date,sudden relief and a smile came back on my face that now would definately get smthing..
i was happy in the morning but as the day passed i was still short of my target by 30,000 now as one of ma client ditched
this was not enough there was still more to come......
went for the collection of the next cheque n see my day was made...umhh out of the seven cheques to be collected for thic company two were in name as ours is a ltd company and to top it off the directors left for the day...
Smtimes i just think that god is it that u plan something special for our closing day...either accounts wala may fall ill or the cheque would be dated a month later than what is required or the funniest cheque arent printed...more to add the common of them all these day SAP implement ho raha hein na cant issue the cheques.....
so i got back with those ltd,cheques and was like ..forget it ..its a special day. CLOSING!!!!!!!hein na...

yeah to hona hi tha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well its sheer luck or what dont know,,,but some guys are really lucky...
its sales sometimes its on ur side the other times ur on the other side!!!!!!
So that was my closing ...koi nahin better luck next time i said myself and as we say "Life moves on!!!!!!

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