Wednesday, February 20, 2008

bombombom bombay kiski hein?????

bombay was once called when i cam here to study,but now its mumbai..hearing about mumbai kiski hein??? looked asif some new movie was cooking up??? but got to know a new drama when all of a sudden all the office were closed and we were told to rush to our homes cause some of the so called hooligans were attacking shops ,autorickshaws n it was total chaos....
It s really a plight of we Indians when we are venturing into a new era with a baggage of the so called "Dirty politics"just for the sake of few votes rupturing the peace which is hardly prevailing . Big B i think is having a really rough patch over these years as whatever he gets into works the other way round...asin..
All for the sake of a chair or rather some votes bank to add up.
Sure this drama would end up in a day or so......

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