Friday, January 23, 2009


I wrote before that i cant diet ever in my life .........but 
here i was away from the delecacies of the world starving myself ...No rather it was fun to diet coz the concept of  dieting was reversed. 
The first day of my diet was 1 st Aug where i was all determined to loose that flab  ..OH god i really was a couch potato..
 I was 54 KGs and my target weight was 50 .Anyways weight was not worry as much was the fat deposition.
So here i was with 6 meals a day with my dietician everywhere.
Had to keep a diary of everything i ate from morning 8 till 9 in the night. First few days were boring coz it was not my routine to get up and have some luke warm water .
Follwed was some fruit or a light and a must b'fast. U can neverskip meals else the result is  u are hungry  and tend to  eat more . 
My dietician was a good female really helped me when i was quite depressed with eating stuff like sprouts and cornflakes..
But later i Loved eating sprout it became one of my favourite.
Where earlier i wld die without ghee or oil  ,but i really wished to lose those love handles .
It  was the first time in my life eating a routined food or rather was loving to have alow cal diet .
Am a big foodie love hog on oilly food CANT RESIST .But here my options were not at all limited.I had lots to experiment on be it fruits,curd,sprouts even vegetables ,vermicelli
Fruits became a part of my daily diet remember "Anapple a Day keeps a doctor Away".
I must accept that i have a sweet tooth that really kills at time ,when you are half way towards your mission aka dieting ...but heyhey i vanished the remotest thought of the same by imagining how good i would look without those depo's.
hehehhehe it makes youfeel reaaly good at times when ur old clothes start fiitng you back and that really happened .

I liked myself more that i was back...