Tuesday, March 17, 2009

17th march.

I enjoyed a lot today...had cold coffee with lots of whipped cream,chocolate sauce and yummm ice cream..After a long time nearly a year that we 3 were together again back to TP.
Same time of the year..
Last year we really enjoyed or CCD was our second home...One realy feel refreshed when friends are along..All day gossip,and talking about stupid things,or rather silly talks and on top of that laughing our heart out.
This is the  place where i discovered my favourite grilled corn and spinach sandwich ..its amazing when u have it with mustard sauce  and ketchup .

Well i also bought a book today."And then we came to the end."lets see howz it..
We had a discussion on the unending chapter o life..how it is enjoying us more.

I wished i could just write  and write  sitting in a coffee shop ,Would love to interact with people and pendown their thoughts ..
On this wish of  mine i was told to go to himalyas and meditate. what good friend s i have ..so caring :(  

God give friends to everyone in this world...

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