Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BOSS day out...

Today was a bad day..heheh it been a routine for sometime now .
I went office happy that my deal would close as in a deal which would atleast help me achieve my base.
So we were having our round of discussion of whether the client is renewing or not ,or is downgrading ..these terminolgy are used by people in sales.
Its indeed a worse situation ..but still we keep high hopes that  a miracle mite happen .
So i and my Boss whose ok at times ,,she is preety smart( read it as street smart
) ,lucky babe were zeroing on the accounts needed to invoice this week.and then i took the bull by the horn by telling her that i am not willing to send such quotes to my client , which i thought would pay more...
As soon as i finished my sentence she said "Be READY FOR THE CONSEQUENSES".in a tone as if i was her husband..(she is famous for that).
My blood was boiling and i wished i could have given her back..but to my dismay and a huge a disapointment i can only shout on people close to me ..
I was in tears but i said no dammit ,this aint proffessional no crying and Grow up yaar.
Then i buzzed my sister and poured all the A to Z alphabets which i know .I felt so good its so nice when u give loads of  slang. my sister said Bosses in th world are lik this only.So accept this.or give back..But i would not agree to the fact that all bosses are the same .No I had some good and very good bosses earlier.
I was  in the ocean of thought that what i should do to hurt her and i decided (only not to follow later) that i dont want this account only. "F**** to this account only to realize later that this was theonly life line i had..
After an hour or so i was with her doing what she wanted.
Sometime i think i am no good. I should have given on her face than to cry and worry.........But lifes like that or  Iam like that only.
Moral of the story :I need to change my attitude BIG TIME".

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  1. Yes u r right All Boss are not bad, some of them are good as out of 100% we can say 2% are Good, Cooperative, but for our satisfaction ,, we should always keep in Mind that "It's PERFORMANCE & not POSITION that ultimately counts."


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