Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Come In!!! :D

This incident happend with one of my friend RK.

Its a daily routine for many in sales to sit or rather kill time at CCD ,barista, mocha .It generally gives you a feeling of being busy the entire day :)
So Mr.Rk was sitting in the CCD and having his  Grande latte,and chit chatting with other colleagues.The place was buzzing with all college going students.
And there was this smart female sitting bang oppositte Mr.Rk.Though our RK  is a good guy but stll single and ready to mingle .
Now there happened some  exchange of glances and smiles. Our dear RK was garden garden.
He was at his best  for the time being ,all sophisticated and oh i dont give a damn look kinda attitude.
After sometime this guy of our went to the loo and suddenly there was a knock knock .
Knock Knock.knock knock...
Pestered he opens the door with an angry look and to his dismay was this lady he was trying to hit on.
Oh gosh..
Lady :Excuse  me I want to wash my hands.
Our dear RK was in a midst of thoughts and said 
: Oh Come in Why Not ??
As soon as he completed this sentnce both were just  shocked as to where to go?
That girl just grabbed her bag and ran away.
And our dear K was left Zapped!!
Why does it happen to me Only ????Could nt she wait ?
Why the Hell did i Say Come In ??

Poor Guy ,
Would  think twice before saying Come In .


  1. oh my god...

    Convey my goodluck again wishes to him....


  2. hahahaha.
    hilarious post!
    wish RK luck 4m my side too :P

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