Friday, April 17, 2009

continued ..have u got a chance

it was early morning yes 6:35 when my door bell rang..
my maid came in i got my newspaper and started going through to see whats going on in elections which all places have elections whats hot and whats not ???
what all ways  parties were luring (read as fooling ) the amm janta - heard  some parties were devoting (religously :))money ,others were keen on liqour .
Was really shocked to know one entire village didnot exercised vote -reason there was no road to that village , no electricity either- totell you the truth was happy that serves the politicians right ..but then thought that they could have used their vote to rope in the right person..That aint so easy though.In the meanwhile my maid interrupted 
maid : Didi aap kya sochrahe ho subah subah??
me : kuch nahin elections hein na  us barein mein 
 me : kya tum vote dogi
maid :pata nahin alecson(election)ke bare mein kuch. aa gaye kya chunav
me :haan
maid : abhi pata nahin pada woh log ghar nahin aaye na 
me : Kaun Log (which people ??)
Maid :wahi jo naam likhawane aate hein
me : to kya tuhara naam pata abhi tak registered( she understood the meaning hehehheheh)  nahin hein 
maid : mere aadmi ka he mera nahin aur kya pharak padta hein hum log bote (vote) de ya nahin 
me : nahin baiji aapko vote dena chahiye aap ja kar apna naam likhwaye .
maid : agar mere ko kuch rupya paisa denge to phir hum sab jayenge truck mein bith kar..nahin to mein time khoti nahin karoongi..

i thought i am trying in vain and left that matter their....

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