Monday, April 20, 2009

Daily ramblings...

These days am doing much of thinking, reading ...
a) trying to complete-You are here
b) More bloging at Indiblogger
c) Reading more about elections umhhhhhh intellectual me ( Lolss)
d)Worrying more about when would we start working again ..(office office)
e)Also analysing the option if i could write something good ( dont know when)
f) Less gossiping 
g) oh ya i went for a girls night out ..was fun after along time
h) Travelling and travelling from pune to kota -Agra - kota - nagda- pune ,God am completly tanned.
i)More into nutritious food and less oily stuff .
j) Enjoying evenings sitting with a book and coffee ,love the breeze and the sunset.
k)last but not the least waiting for my Bday!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. ahhh there is a good news to come...
    when is ur bday... ???

    gosh ! I am so hungry i need a piece of cake now..pastry bhi chalega..and I like ur template...

    but less gossiping...aww that must be hurting... :D

    and as u update real fast..I will love to read u mre..u r blogrolled..


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