Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DON in the making !!!!

I  went for a call today as usual -Being a Sales Proffessional, Glorified Key Account Manager as we are.
My profiles involves client meeting - the HR and the Decision makers of the company.So here i  was meeting the  Director of a company into Manufacturing ,construction and varied fields.
Everyone in the company said Oh you have come to meet " S  bhai " . The very first time i knew of someone calling their director BHAI.
Thought am i meeting some don or Bhai  umhhh lets see? who he is actually ? In the 5 minutes i was told to wait i made a picture in my mind . He might be some old director and as usual stuff and Bhai these guys are calling so, he mite be really Like veerappan .I was in the midst of my thoughts of the DON ,and i saw everyone standing up from the guards to the receptionist to the people in the cubicle,Exports division .I did not realize as to why they all stood up together. I asked the reception what 's happening ? Reply was S bhai is coming ? Oh my my so here was the DON coming up.
A white Merc stopped just outside the Main building a chauffer came out opened the door and here he was. I must say he had an aura , a majestic charm. A tall Man in his 40's came out wearing a blue suite and Black pointed shoes .He was all charged up for the day. As soon as he came in wished everyone  a loud Good Morning .I was oh he is not the type of DON  i imagined but let see . I have a meeting with him in next 5 minutes to be exact.
I was called in , i knockedthe door  - and Opened it silghtly ,but there was no one , i opened the door a little more and tilted my neck to see in  -a huge huge cabin and a person sitting at one corner ona kings chair like his throne .
Oh now i entered and was gestured to sit without any words .
Every thing was huge about this cabin. A rectangle table  with six chairs all on one side and a huge chair rather his hrone on the other side.
As  I sat, i was like a miniscule creature in front of the giant .Just behind his throne was a huge skin of lion / tiger on the wall. There was this deer on either side of the skin.
 on the wall.
I finally came back to him and started myconversation . In between our discussion i was continuosly distracted by something ,i could not keep my mind off it. 
Finally i finshed my meeting in 10 minutes orrather 7 minutes. He spoke so less and said the work would be done .
The thing which distracted me was the diamonds he was wearing oh god big diamonds and was moving his fingers in a circular motion on the desk. It was not a single diamond rather eight diamond in different fingers and that too solitaire. I just prayed god that he had not seen me greedily watching his diamonds. 
Well one more thing about DON -when we were negotiating for the products and the pricing ,he said i generally dont write anything but once i have written something than there is no going back .And I am known for that in the entire business Class.To my dismay the amount was much leser than i expected. I had no choice but to accept what he decided coz we could not afford to lose the client like this.
At the same time  a phone came up and he said ohi must introduce you to my vendors and they wouldhelp you. SO here i was getting one mor client with his help.
I thanked him and left.
All my way back i was pondering upon how such people run the business world  or are these the only one who can run the business.There are Ambani's ,tata's , Firodias, Hinduja's and heeranandani's who are so different - kindof persona . And there are some DON kinds which i got to meet today. Well i must say he can be the next DON in the making if he leaves all his business and joins the underworld.


  1. lol

    u really had a terrible experience ..
    s bhai... means I never heard someone being called bhai in corporate world :D

    bu solitaires in eight god he is awesomely lavish

  2. no it was not a terrible but a different experience...LOLsss


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