Friday, April 17, 2009

have u got a chance ???

Conversation at the office in the lunch time :

elections ,votes,campaigns, new videos ,party slogans...every other person is talking about elections. 
person1 : Which party would you vote for? 
 Are you going to vote ???
person 2: umhhhhhh nahin yaar not this time ..
i have not voted yet 
 person 1 :not even a single time 
person 2: nope yaar
person 1: why??
person 2:chance nahin mila ... when i was studying it didnot mattered at all as in who want to vote for these dirty politicians .

person 1: oh
person 1 : then came out for studies so never knew when the elections were..there were other things of more interests than voting..
 and now i am in my job so you see busy ,but now i feel its been 10 years that i have voted ...
so i decided to vote this time but to my dismay i am still away from my home town and cant vote again.
peron 1 : so why dont you register on jaago re and get your ward transferred?
person 2:tried but was so confused about the ward and on top of that registration was such a tedious process .
person 1: umhh so now 
person 2: kuch nahin would wait for another  elections. might be lucky at that time.

The point to ponder over was that this might be the condition of many of us. 70% of the educated population doesnot vote. And we talk about dirty politics and the politicians their education ...
We talk about"Its India " nothing would change " how can we ..when we  remain in our own coccon and comforts and do not bother to use our right ..

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