Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My quest -for desk mess

I failed ,2 and a half hour ...
I thought it should look good actually wanted some different look for it. Thought coffee ,diary,books would all give it a perfect look. So i was all game . The best option google .Finally got one after searching and going through many links . Now the question was which one is the exact match . Oh here it was the perfect match   . And i was so content that ya  this is the one which i needed. 
Its so easy , i downloaded  then  uploaded the image to photobucket,the rest was just to replace it . 
So i clicked the button once  - ERROR,
 clicked the button second time - Xml error,
 third time :Allow blocked content .
Fourth time the light went off.
waited for sometime was quite eager.
After 5 min current was back 
I again logged in but nothing good .
Thought lemme try on the laptop 
i switched it ON , logged in beep beep beep :switch to Power source immediately
searched for the cord -whenever you require something badly you would never get on time . Cord was stuffed in the drawer.
Back to surfing.
 Try downloadinng seven seconds download time -yuppy i was just about to view it.
so i waited and waited and waited finally after 5minutes stretched to 10 minutes (speed -o god  the speed was so slow)
 just a millisecond remaining and Guess what :
Finally Gave up the  idea of uploading  "Desk - Mess" blogger template ever.

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  1. an

    it indeed was a messy template :P


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