Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Mothers day!!!

Love you ma!!
Wish you a very happy Mothers day..
I thank GOD for giving me my favourite loving,caring, understanding,enduring ,teacher, my mentor, my friend, a shoulder to lean on,my bestestbuddy.
Am short of words to describe your love .

To Mom,
For the unselfish love
For the heartwarming smile
For your presence in my life
For holding my hand 
For mywalk first time
For the faith in me
For Being a listener to all mycrap
For being a strict teacher 
For all those scolds n beatings 
For forgiving me all time
For A helping Hand when I stumble
For all the sacrifice
For all the pains taken
For the special surprises
For being there at 3 in the morning ,so that i can cry my heart out.
For confiding in me
For keeping my smallest things till date
For the praises and encouragement
For the one to cheer loud when i received the Enterpruener Award
For accepting me as i am
For Making me the One
Just to say
Thanks for being My MOM.

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  1. neeedless to say...a beautiful post......ur mother must have loved reading it..


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