Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heights Now ...!!!!


Have not been blogging from 2-3 days coz have been tooooooooooo busy that too by chance lolsssss.Ya have to accept that i had no time even to eat my lunch for the past 1-2 weeks..
And am sitting in my office  which  is  half the employee strength  today coz  culti culti...culti  a synonym to (Absence of Boss ).and a friend of  mine helped me apply relispray coz had a spine ache.
What  crap  am talking  :)  OK so lets cut the crap and to the point .
As i said before in my earlier blogs that i have become an absent minded idiot these days another feather to the cap  came yesterday.

As i was about to leave my office at sevenish in the evening ,i went to my parking and kept searching for the key.
Bulls eye - ya you are right i had forgotten my keys in the car.
And the cherry on the cake was....

i know u would not believe this but ya i did it again ...

The car engine was not even switched off ..
So dear readers here my good self  has left the  car in the parking with the keys inside and that too without switching off the engine..
All Hell....
The car was parked at around 3:30 in the after noon when i came back for an urgent  meeting in the office.

Now at seven inthe evening the scene was :
It was such a good or rather so romantic weather ,then it started drizzling ,accompanied by showers and here i was standing near my car just trying my luck with all sorts of keys i had.
Even my colleagues tried with their keys but no luck..
I just wished  the engine doesn't blast 
But God is great 
Few drivers came to my help they took the quarter window out and then opened the doors and switched the car engine Off.
I was oh so relieved.

Moral of the story : If you  foget car keys inside especially swift you can please take the quarter window out have your keys back..yippeeeee


  1. heheheheheheh

    u r simply can u leave the engine running and that too didn't noticing it...

    u r really adorable


  2. All work and no play has made You forgetful ha... that's why they say U need to 'chill' out once in a while...
    and in 4 hrs 'Swift' ne kitna petrol phoonk dala ;)


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