Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Impulse Revisited..

It was a usual day ,went to Barista was getting very bored.. some chocolate chocolate urge was  brewing up.So looked at the menu and finally landed up having 
a)Large  chocolate shake 
b)Dark tempatation -it was sin  just nothing else..a choclate brownie with chocolate sauce and one big scoop of Ice cream.. 
And too top it I was so greedy to have it dropped it all over my caudoroy.Its OK at times to behave childish...It was amazing
Then our favourite TP -chit chatting  about everyhting in the world -specially office,home, husbands,boyfriends,jobscenario being the hottest topic,shopping ..
One funny incident took place ,the glass pane where we were sitting was crystal clear ,you guessed it right a Dude just came and bumped into the glass pane,and the second moment -Oh am so Cool -Nothing Happened.He just did a Uturn and we just could nt stop laughing.
 I went to  crossword coz i needed femina's new edition ,but ended up buying 3 books 
1)Speechless by Yvonne collins
2)The Long silence-Shashi deshpande
3)Oh shit not again -

Sometimes i think it would be a bliss to  spend an entire day at crossword,oxford,landmark .
I was all content with my impulsive shopping again as usual.So in total i have 10 books still to be read...


  1. "Oh shit not again" .. this book has kept to its title..

  2. ya was a not so OK book ...

  3. poor blog...!

    the blog is not organised properly, buddy. The content is good though...

  4. @jay thanks for the insight :)


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