Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why does this happen with me always?

These are some of the instances which happened with me .
I dont know why it happens with me only................

Instance 1:
I went for a call,enquired for Mr.X, a shabby looking Man came and asked whats the purpose why do you want to meet ?? I thought he was some office boy and told him go tell your Boss that  I (read as XYZ ) have come from abc company.
He said  Maam with due regards  I am the one you have come to meet ...I was baseless  no comments ,I just wished i could vanish from there.
He was smiling in the entire meeting ..
yucks yucks y do i make such mistakes   :(

Second One .

I was driving down to Lonavala  for a call ,and there was little or no signal .I received a call and some fellow enquired about our services and told me to come down .I  took down the address ,and asked for his Contact details .As you know there was a signal problem in my handset i requested thrice for the address ,finally i jotted down something and asked his name ..
I heard "Watchman" ,i said sorry come again 
He said "watchman"
I said Whom am i suppose to meet the name of the concerned person 
He said : "watchman"
I said cool would come down and meet.
I went in the company and enquired to meet HR .Obviously i could nt say i had come to see a person by the name Watchman.
But how could something wrong not happen with me?
He enquired there are 5 HR whom would you want to meet -Poor Me what to do ???
I said Some Mr."watchman "called up and asked for ameeting.
He said Oh you want to Meet Mr.Watchman 
I thought Ohh Thank God  so there is someoneby the Name of watchman.
I was directed toward a cabin ,  i entered and there was this smart chap waiting with his hands folded .
I continued with my meeting he listened very carefully signed up a good deal.
When i was about to leave he said wont you require the card of a Watchman .
I was stunned and he couldnt stop laughing...
I took his card with shaking hands and the name on it was Waszmen. I just said thanks for the meeting and ran out of the cabin...

:( :(
God do you have some problem with me ..

Third One.

I was on a TP (TIME pass ) Call with one of my colleague  A..
And as usual we were talking umhhhhh bitching about our colleague X that she comes to office so shabby ,and has a weired dressing sense .
My goodself was blabering all these to my colleague A.
And u remember as i said How on this planet cant i make any mistakes or anything go wrong with me.
Here i was in my thoughts -(am a total absent minded -confused person these days ),blabbering about this female ,dialled the  number of my client whom i was supposed to meet at the CCD. Still lost in my own world and bitching about this female forgot that i had dialled my colleagues X number(who i was bitching about ).
To  my horror she was listening all my crap.

i couldnot go the office ,now what ??/She sent an SMS babes were you talking about me??? ZAPPED was I then called her up saying how could we ???I was just talking about one of my client who share's the same name X.and called you to sent a mail from ID.
Am alive am Happy !!!

All thanks to my absent mindedness .. 

Fourth One.

This happens to be on the same lines as the third one  .
I had this really news about my Boss who shows that he is all work and  no nonsense business.
He is those sadu types who is quite bossy and has no brains of his  b ) he is a Mr showoff kinds 
   I had to disclose that secret about this saduu to my colleagues ,so insteadof gatheringin office idecided to msg them that once this Sadu Mr. S   goes we would meet in the caffeteria and have some news to reveal about him.
Guess what whom did i msged to 


Koi nahin one more time
Guess Guess 

ya I msged  my BOSS Mr. S  - once  Mr.S goes would let you know the things in details.

I am dumb ,stupid , absentminded, confused IDIOT.
And every wrongthing on earth have to happen with me only ...


  1. heheheheheh

    u gave me literally a laughing attack...my god..u had some experience

    kaise survive kar rahi ho offie...hheheheh

  2. i cant tellu what my condition was at that time...??
    but am famous in my office for my absent mindedness lolss.

  3. he he he a truly hilarious one... actually have named your blog quiet aptly..."Confessions of a confused Practical" :D .... keep posting such 'ulta pulta' stuff ....

  4. wanted to take off that guilt load...by sharing

  5. OMG.. I literally felt out of my chair laughing..thankfully I was at home.. :D :D
    BTW how did u faced ur Boss Mr.S after that msg??
    Just curious :P ROTFL

  6. Dont ask.i just behaved as if its quite normal with me ,, and mistakes happen wih al of us..Lollsss inside i was just willing toerase the episode from hi memory...

  7. Hilarious!! Looks like your boss and colleagues in office do not know about your blog!! :D

  8. i just pray they never get to knw..pls god ...


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