Saturday, June 06, 2009

Craze ...

Saturday morning ,

I went to office after 2 calls from 9 in the morning ...
I got a message :aamir at Ishanya  jaldi aao..
I said u mean "AAmir Khan "the reply came yup AAmir..

I said oh am not intersted but yes you know it "Inside I was willing to have a glance "crazy me i know  i know.
I tried slipping from the office but how could I thanks to my colleagues boss.If she cant go nobody is going..

Well i was happy just to hear he still looks sooooooooo young .Damn Neat man ,he was so casually meeting and waving ..

At first my friends confused him for Imran Khan the Jr.chap .
He had lost all the flab of Ghajini and that spike look was back ..

I wish i could go...


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