Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The demented heroes..

It was the T20 final ,i cheered for srilanka to win, and never ever pakistan .
As have grown up seeing the anger, revenge whenever there was a match b/w india and pakistan.
And so i was all determined to be with srilanka and was cheering for them..But thevictory of pakistan made me ponder over many things:
A team with no sponsors ,
or firstly no team at all, the team was finished last year
With all the controversies within the team ,and the player levied with the charges(doping or
betting ) still the team played with high morale.
When such a team can manage to take the cup -i think its a great lesson for team india to pull up
their socks and work hard.

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  1. Do we see a trend emerging here in T20 tourneys the "bottomers" of an edition of the tournament go on to be the champions in the next edition I mean first IPL and now world cup ;)


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