Saturday, July 18, 2009



Today i called home i wanted to talk with my mom reason :-Apraisals.

Its been 4 years since i have been working but its been a ritual to call my parents before my appraisals.

However they are not the one to decide about whatam going to be appraised to ?

Today i calledup Mom was not in the house,so dad picked up

Me: Hi dad ,How are you ?
Dad: am good and loads of love to you.

Dad: so today is your apraisal

Me: ya scheduled for today but lets see might get shifted to monday or tuesday..

Dad: Dont you worry .Its not bad if youdont get a salary hike .
Feel Happy about it that atleast you have a job .Just remeber all those who have liablities on them and have no jobs ,no money .
Be Happy with what you have
I know my daughter would come out with good appraisal.
And we are proud of you..
Me : umhhh Ok dad

Those words from him worked as wonder for me I was feeling so low before i called up thinking

what next??Where would I be vis a vis my counterparts???

Now i dont care a damn whatever they do in my appraisals..

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