Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Miss tooo.......

 inspired  me  to write about this post...It just happened that by chance i visited your blog and found  the blog really cool .I loved your I miss

So here are the things which I Miss

1.Home sweet home - am staying far away from my parents.Hardly get to see them

2.Love my balcony and the evenings at home .

3.Love my school days..those fun days with no tension except studies (the worst of that time).

4. most awaited holidays for 2months in summer and then the 1st day in a new class

5. Outings with family and friends

5. celebrating all festivals with my sisters and brothers days -want to redo some mistakes

7.water clogging in the rainy season..

8.old melodies...

9.some good serials on DD 1 

10.My Carefree attitude, my belly laugh,happiness

11.My paintings.......

Last but not the least i miss my parents very very much.....

Love you mom dad.


  1. I too Miss my school days....days which will never come back :(

  2. hey .. thanks for dropping your comment in my blog And for mentioning me in your blog! I'm thrilled dear !

    I should say that i miss my school days too .. i had too much fun ...
    your list lovely dear!

  3. Hmm...a post which took me down my memory lane too! Some brought a smile, and some a yearning! :(


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