Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kindness goes down the river....

Have you ever helped your colleague or wished to help them ,no dont ever dare to do so.Reason i would tell you:
These days its a sin to help or offer some advice to your colleagues and some so called friends..
I have burnt my fingers and hence please never ever do the same.

Oflate one my colleague was gaining denunciation for some practices (obviously bad) in office.Ok before you reach to any conclusion all malpractices related to sales poaching and stuff .
So my goodself( i dont know why why in the world )thought to help this colleague of mine by advising him not to go ahead with these practises as he would gain a bad rapport.
So the words of wisdom which i shared with my colleague were twisted and turned to his benefit .The entire office thought i was the one bitching around . I felt so bad just a word of advice can have such an adverse effect on your image.Poor Me!!!
I have made it a point to remember not at all in my life would advice atleast a colleague in office for improving his behaviour.

PS: your suggestions and comment are welcome what would you have done in my place.

I know another absolute dumb and childish act.

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