Friday, July 10, 2009

Whats in a name - identity cisis!!!!

It happens with me a lot when I call up and introduce myself i get to hear

Ya kavita tell me
Oh namrata go on ..
how can we help you savita
Ms. hamita ,shamita ,lavina,loveena,
and some dear ppl from the east of my country and down south would add an extra h to my GOODSELF.....
GOD I am plain and simple

God atleast favoured me but a friend of mine who's a surd was not so lucky..

We generally have to go on sales call as our job requires so.

This lady visited an x company and was greeted at the reception she said please inform that Ms. harpreet from y organisation has come.

So it was in May that month she visited the same company thrice due to deals closure and stuff.
And as soon as she entered the reception she was told to make herself comfortable and then with a pride the receptionist called up his boss saying

: Sir - Mr. Pritam singh aaye hein...

she was shocked to hear who he was referring to ,and to add to her already red face the remaining crowd went mad laughing..
She got up and said "Excuse me Mr nahin Ms and doosra am not Pritam Singh .

Bechara receptionist...god saved him after that now whenever my friend visit that company the receptionist makes sure to avoid the same mistake...

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