Thursday, August 13, 2009

Darna jaroori hein...

Ya this is really the situation in Pune courtsey SWINE FLU...

Its been bad in Pune the death toll has risen to 12 out of the 18 in country. Everyother

person is wrapped in a mask all through the day. The panic ,the fear to get caught of the

virus and not knowing from whom. But i must say the awareness level in Pune is high as compared to other state.

Small children were the first victim of this deadly virus followedby the doctors and the aged.

Everyone wa glued to the idiot box as every hour there was one or the other person being detected.

There was one day when 2.5 lacks mask were sold.

Vaccines are yet to come in september or december end ,mask are not available at all the

medical shops .The mask which were available for 150 are not being marketed at 300 Rs per mask.

Beggars and small children are distrubuting the unhygenic mask on the roads and people are buying it for they

have no other option. The unsterlized mask are being circulated at every street and corner.

The sweepers are at avery high risk at people are throwing away the used mask and these poor

guys have to hand pick them and burn them..

The only fear is the festivals which are fast approaching and the gathering is huge ..Be it Dahi

handi or Ganpati festival and hence the pace with which virus would spread is also high.

I strongly feel that govt must take some necessary action to curb this atleast close down the

entire working for few days.

We dont know how long this state would continue ,but can just stick to the maximum hygiene possible.

PS: some one just shouted in our office 13th to go in Pune.


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