Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mumbai-pune taxi services.....

This incident happened with my friends ,when they were returning to pune from mumbai. They were waiting at the mumbai airport for their turn to catch a cab or a taxi to reach pune , the same night .It takes 3.5 to 4 hrs to reach pune from mumbai.The next day was monday and had to reach office anyhow.So they thought it was the best option to head straight to the next taxi they get.While they were planning someone approached them and said sir pune in 1500Rs.??

They were little bit taken aback they reconfirmed pune airport drop at 1500 he said yes sure. Aj was thinking they were lucky today as mumbai to pune in the night that too till the pune airport the fares range betwen 1800 to 2000 and here he was saving straight away 300 rs. But still they enquired why do you want to go for 1500 when others were charging 1800-2000 he said he is a locale from pune and wished to go back home tonight so it would be a good option for both.

They thought it might be possible, Aj was about to enter the cab he asked his taxi number .MH 01 2712 came the reply ..then as they were about to start another person entered the taxi - myfriend enquired would he also be going to pune .The driver said no sir he is my manager has just come for the routine check and the payment collection. The manger enquired about the fares and the destination from the driver ,after chit chatting for sometime the driver left the taxi and said someone else would be taking you to pune from here .All this started smelling fishy...

a)driver gave the deal as he wished to go back to pune tonight .

b)manger coming and confirming the whereabouts

c)when the driver left saying some other person will take your cab and i would be taking some other passenger.

The other driver came and said money sir??

Teejay (another friend) said now he said ya now only the manager would give you the receipt .So he agreed and gave 3 notes of Rs.500 as soon as he gave to the driver in a blink of an eye the driver said ..what sir i asked 1500 you giving me 3 notes of 100 sir??Aj and teejay were shocked Aj said cant be possible .He told him in a loud voice put on the light let me check.He checked in his wallet where he had kept all 500 notes and had no 100 rupee note .he became stern and loud saying Boss dont show all these tantrums to me and let me call the police now here only and acted to call the police ..the driver got nervous the manager told oh you stupid driver you had to give 300 rs to me and not to sir..you are a dumb person.The driver agreed and said oh yes i forgot ya ya you gave me 500 rs only .My friends became furious and demanded the money back.As the driver was already terrified that they might call police returned the money back.They thanked god that both were safe .They might have looted mid way or anything might have happened ,or they could have just refused to go ahead and stopped at some lonely place and ordered them to get out.

Well both of my friends marched ahead and dropped the plan to leave pune that night. teejay enquired another taxi driver to drop them at dadar to his astonishment came the answer : sir why do you want to waste time I would arrange a tavera for 1300 till pune airport,why waste money going to dadar??

he could not believe there was an entire lobby of these taxi drivers who refused to take him to dadar and were forcing him to take a cab and go to pune.

both were pestered till the core , so they decided to walk off the airport till the main road outside and finally got a taxi who agreed to drop them peacefuly to dadar.


PS: all of you who frequent from mumbai -pune or those for whom its a first time please make sure you are not a victim of mumbai -pune taxi services ....Just a piece of advice doubly check the amount you give to these fellows .

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