Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mummy Back to Work...Yummy mummy

Few days back when i was flipping the main edition of the Times i got hooked on to this news

Tata welcomes - All those Mummy 's back .

I really felt it as a good initiative by tata group of companies who have started offering jobs to

those females who left their jobs due to maternity , or for taking care of their children for few

years .

It would be a welcome change for all those mums ,who would be eager to joinback after 2-3

years of no work.

After a break from the job it sometimes is difficlut o get the job you desire.One has to park

herself for the first job and then switch over if any chance come.

The best thing is that TATA group is not only welcoming them back but also are giving them the

same stream as they are eligible for.

Like a software developer would not have to work for other profile she would be joining back on

the same profile .So the chances of ending up for a job of least interest are zeroed.

My CHEERS for TATA 's initiative Hip Hip Hurray ....

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