Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Bliss.....

Weekend Bliss....

This weekend had a lot to catch up.
Got up at 11 on saturday the meanwhile maids were doing there daily work..and thanks to bangs for not waking me up.
Had a nice brunch and was off to shopping for my first durga pujo ..
while shopping thought for some casuals shopping for the Goa trip..but then thought first things first..
goa later..
Loved the day as it was going,while returning back back home it started drizlling,thought of having bhajiye and tea at some tapri would be fun...
But to my dismay could nt find dropped the idea.
Watched YMI (yeh mera india) a good and a touching movie..which speaks about what small things we can do to make our country a better place to live in.
It was really sad to see the rift between people from UP ,bihar with maharashtrians. A person from bihar who wants work ends up working for goons not knowingly and in the end saves the life of a maharashtrian who illtreated him for being a bihari.
The moral was good :Religion never teach you to kill each other or differentiate but the people who twist the religion to their benefits.

Then had some bhelpuri ..yummm it was and then the dear couch potato that i am got ready for the next movie "Love aajkal".

what crap deepika has been really liked saif the sardarji ..loved rishi kapoor.ummhhh and we the mango people hehehhe

ok time pass,dozzed off at 2 in the night playing flash.hehehe i was winning ,i won..but lost in the end :(

It was sunday went to watch kaminey ohhhhhhh god what headache the movie is..
came back and sunday was gone....

Monday morning was yawning ...

eagerly waiting for Sunday...

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