Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pen with no refill..

Today when i was a bit tired after my meetings thought of having some melon shake . A small juice corner at the solaris club makes good shakes so barged in . The musk melon shake was amazing then I went for my meetings as usual .Suddenly while calling a client i saw that my stylus was not there ..Oh god i was so so dying to find my stylus because my new cell Samsung star was a present from Bengs and I lost the stylus.
I was cursing my self that I cant keep things carefully,and was praying to god please please help me get my stylus 1 ladoo pakka for you..I searched all the places where I went for the meetings

I was so so unhappy and tensed as to I am not worthy of any gifts..Why did this happen with me only (Ok did I mention that I am a big big absent minded person ..u should check out some posts of mine ).
Finally I gave up and thought last try at the juice corner ..i asked to the son of the owner
Have you seen my Stylus ..ilost somewhere..

He said oh its yours here it is I thought it is a pen with no refill and gave it to me.
I thanked him and said you have really returned a precious thing of mine.You made my Day .

I tried giving him 50 bucks but he refused and said No didi its yours ..
and why should I accept money from you .Its Ok and please come to our juice corner whenever you pass by.

I thanked him a lot and now would make sure that I do visit that place once a while.

I thought there are still some good people left on this earth ,who rank values higher than money.

God please help him when he is in need ..

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