Monday, October 05, 2009

Am back....


Its been along time I have scribbled anything ,I was caught up in lots of activities and lot did happen with me.

This was my first durga puja ,so had a lot of fun ,enjoyed a lot.
Believe me hats off to all Bengalis how they manage 4days continuous fun morning and evening that tooo late evenings.

Well truly enjoyed the festival dusshera or bijoya or Vijaya dashmi ..We did visarjan of Durga maa and prayed for everyone’s wellbeing.

This was the first time when I was dancing on roads can you believe that like taporis during the durga visarjan ..Oh it was hell lot a fun.I used to see people dancing and rejoicing on the visarjan day.
Had a lot of sweets, Ice creams, pastries,brownies ...and added kilos to my

increasing waistline hehehahahha

Then was stuck in welcoming family members for a 3day get-together…
And all thanks to the stress which I took these days got an asthma attack and hence spent 3 days sneezing , running nose ,watery eyes, sore throat (aftereffects of the dozen Ice cream I had).
And now I am back to blogging still sneezing and achooing .
Well still more to be done

a)Goa trip
b)diwali cleaning
c)diwali shopping
d)sisters marriage

last but not the least lodes of weight lolssssssss

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  1. Hey..welcome back... I thought you completely disappeared from blogging....

    Hey congrats for those awards..

    Dancing in roads??? thats funny...

    Asthma attack..OMG.. take care of yourself... Have great fun and great trips ahead... CHeers..

  2. Hmm so lotsa fun already had and another lot of fun ahead..great lucky girl :)

  3. Welcome back..

    My mouth's watering reading sweets!!

    Goa trip? Goa trip? Goa trip !!!!!!!!!
    You lucky lady! :(

  4. Gr8 that you enjoyed your first Durga Pujo so much and witnessed the passion involved in it....and My God Ashma Attack amist this fun :( Take care !!! Do have loads of fun & weight :D

  5. you were back and now where are you gone again ?

  6. sounds like you had gr8 fun:)keep enjoying... and have lots of fun dear!!

  7. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Welcome've been gone a long time. You were missed :)


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