Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi All,
Its been a not so good day after a long time....Have been meeting clients but

nothing good is happening .Well thats how it is sometimes...And top of that we have

a review wih our seniors who are ready to have a piece of your mind...

Sometimes i think actually what meetings are :

Meetings = Get Together not a social but an official one.

Group of people sit together discuss about everything in the world except the main problem at hand.

Even though the problem is discussed then we have points to be done .The key notes which are just to be written and forgotten later.

Meetings = Messaging with each other( meri awaz suno started) + yawning + surfing net + the most imprtant nodding your head .

Sometimes meetings are also a place where you can check out whats new in market (your office)as in whose wearing what ,watches,mobiles, accessories for girls,

The most important aspect of meetings is the moment you ask a suggestion or some query the subordinates or the juniors would look left and right and never at you.

Its the best time where your boss enjoys being him and if you dare to argue (remember boss is ike a pig whom u r fighting with in the mud...)he is the one who enjoys the most...

Sometimes the meetings are too long and that too after lunch breaks so there are chances half the janta is just sleeping with eye wide open..

The last but not the least meetings have to start at the time your office closes for the day it may be 6 or 6:30 or 7 ..and that day ya that very day either you have some one waiting for you , some family member is expected at your place or even worst you have a movie to go for.

Why the hell in this world do we have meetings ???????????????

PS:Tic tc toe is best TP in meetings:)

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Embarassing ?? me or him

Hi all ,here am again with an embarrasing or a funny or a chopsy or a hilarious situation...
My goodself got a new hair cut this sunday as was bored with the same stylefor past 1 year.
So i got them chopped (never knew i wld be chopped later)

My new look was appreciated by most i would say and so was happy and flaunting.The next day whn i went to the office my colleague (remember our RK..)came and said what ??
I thought might be this was his way of expressing.I was in the midstof the thoughts of Oh my new look kinds.

i heard a beep sound and saw a message staring at me from my colleague.. i clicked view and i read" what happend to her it looks like she is wearing a wig and hiding the ponytail.Pls delete the msg after reading"

I was aghast and was blankly looking at his face. He was sitting quietly checking his mails for the day.Understood the entire scene the message was for other colleague of mine and bymistake he messaged me .

I could nt stop laughing but then thought it would not look good as i am the joke so in a cheerfull tone said "RK u have messaged a wrong person y dnt u msg the other person".He was dumbstuck for a moment ,the water which he was drinking just came out and coughed badly ... I said take a chill pill and its OK. You can now msg it to the other person...To cover up his mistake he said ooohh it was for you only..(as if i am a kid) I said ya i understand..
The entire day my dear colleague was not seen in vicinity and kept hiding lolssss.

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heights Now
Why does this happen with me always?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Something Strange Am I an Orthodox or toooooo Optimistic???

Something Strange happened with me ... Till now all of you would be aware that my
life can never go straight..Something or the other has to happen in my life...

Today when I came out of a client call and was tying my seat belt ...was in the midst of my thoughts as to how would i do my targets . A small boy came and tapped at the car window i told him to shoo away...
He said please give me some money for Shirdi Ka atta (flour for shirdi ke sai baba) i thought ok and gave him some money .
To my surprise he gave me a silver coin (looked like) with Ganeshji (Lord Ganesh)and lakshmiji (Goddess lakshmi )embedded on it and said may god bless you and all your troubles may fade...

Actually it was a mixed feeling as in somebody gave you a coin that too people who generally ask for money and was happy as he said may all your troubles fade away ..hahahah was smiling all through my drive..

Dont know what is in store.. Touch Wood

Hakuna matata!!!

Hakuna matata !what a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata !!! Aint no passing craze

Loved the philosphy - no worries for the rest of days ...These days i have been thinking ya my goodself also think sometime life is too short to fight ,hate , cry , crib but we cant avoid them AGREED. Why dont we just try and ignore them -Disappear disappear Disappear.

Why dont we enjoy every moment of it. Lets celebrate the smallest of things a new coffee mug or a cricket/soccer match ...or a new client or a new deal .. or just a new day...
ya i celebrated the 4 th Bday of my swift this nov ...had pastry and kulfi yummmmmmmm

I know you would say how crazy even celebrated shahrukhs Bday..hhha a a big fan (though i dnt do that but thought of doing small things which would spread some happiness around)

if I am sad on a bad day ,I go and have some chocolate pastry or a big cuppa of hot chocolate ...believe me I feel better or go and watch cartoons orsimply the BEST SHOPPING yipeeeeee

I was quite upset with the routine office from morning to evening go back home ,eat food ,watch TV and sleep so boring ,have started going on long walks gives me time to think , analyse and plan for what more i have to do...
I want to learn swimming
Join flames salsa classes
have to start - painting after along span of time...It gives me a feeling of satisfaction and happiness within...

See a lot to do and so little time...
So Hakuna matata!!!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Helpers a pain in disguise....?????

Maids, or helpers are an integral part of every household these days..everyone would agree to the FACT.. :)
You can live without food but not maids. After sometime they becoming a part of your family.
I have 2 maids who make life easier to live.Every now and then we get to hear about theft or murder on TV. I used to think maids in pune were far better than anywhere else . But recently burnt my hands too. I could have never known that small things in my house were being stolen when one day, the bottle of RUM i kept outside went missing. One of my friends favors RUM and only RUM and that was the reason I remembered it being left in the bottle and kept outside.
So here my friends were waiting for their peg and i went searching like MAD .I was shocked to see an empty bottle just below the sink ..who would have done that ??as I never booze and so there was noone else left ... Somehow he managed with VAT that Day!!!

The next day I enquired my maid have you seen the bottle of RUM kept here to my surprise "yes "came the answer.It fell down and i had to clean the entire cabinet said the maid. I was soooooo furious when i heard the white lie ,how come i never noticed the smell or the sound of bottle dropping.

I just kept my calm and then left from the kitchen and continued with my daily work.
When I came over to pray in our small temple i saw money mising from the minidrawer . I have routine to keep some money beneath Ganesh ji.. .I enquired the other maid whether X drinks she said in a low tone dont take my name .ya she does every now and then..
I immediately told the maid to leave ,on listening to that she raised her voice and said how could you do this ,what proof do you have ...

I felt so bad to hear first you steal and then you shout on top of that. Listening her hue and cry my neighbours came and helped me in taking the truth out .
I never treated her as a maid as she was old and helped her everynow and then with food and clothing .it really pains to see such behaviour .

I dnt even know how much i would have lost till now but now i have learnt to be safe than be sorry.

Monday, November 09, 2009

We stop the world!!!

This is really true guys !!! They really really stop the world..Thousands of people hooked on to just cross this and conquer the last...

Your GFs, Bfs, husband, wife, mother ,father all think you have gone bonkers or would go mad........ but the truth is all that does'nt matters .

You feel so excited once you are through one level to the next ...

Yup am talking about Klueless (online puzzel )which I eagerly await after diwali. Its a total addiction.

Sleepless nights, exhaustion , brain storming,frustrations ,the chase, the enthusiasm ,the knowledge downpour.. Its one hell of an experience...

Hats of to the creators and the entire team of klueless.. You guys rock...

If anyone of you want a hang of the adrenalin rush just log into

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Jaago re!!!!!!

This incident happened when I was on my way to gandidham (kandla) from pune. I was travelling by train which was the only means available on the dates i had to go. So here I was sitting alone and listening to the chit chat of all around.

The train was some 1 and a haf hr away from gandidham the TC came and enquired about my ticket i said its already checked ,he simply gestured me to show the same again .I felt quite wiered but TC is a TC they can check the tickets any time ..But the tickets of other people in my compartment were not checked ..
I was a bit confused as to why me ???

After some half an hour later 2-3 men in their 40-50 started shouting and yelling get him can he ???? He is not wearing the uniform also...I couldnt get the hang of the discussion.

When 3 of them came and sat on the seat opposite and discussed .The TC was drunk and that too in the day time (as most of them are drunk in the night which is true).Neiher was he wearing his uniform on top was demanding extra money ,and misbehaving. There was an elderly man whom he misbehaved and abused .3 of them one civil engg and 2 business man came together and made a written complaint against the TC .When asked for the next station number as they wanted the Tc to be medically examined and suspended for his act the counterpart (other Tc's ) refused and said they do not have any number of the stations to come. On this the trio who I think had the courage to speak up got other people along and demanded to be written on the compliant form and signed that the Tcs are not aware of the numbers of other stations on the route.

The trio made it a point to stop the train on the next station and got the Tc medicaly examined...

i dnt know whether the Tc was suspended or not but am happy for the fact that still people have the courage to come up and stand for what is not right??

how many of us would have really came forward if they would have faced such situation ??
cant Say i would have done that or not or had i been a coward to sit up quietly and see what unfolds.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

All play no work....

am finally back....... :)
had real fun this entire october...



Sisters marriage

now back to work...This month looked like all play and no

Goa was fun sun and tan.Loved it though the first two days were boring but still enjoyed a lot at the beach...

Then came diwali
diwali was amazing enjoyed a lot..lots of crackers and shopping and not the least sweets and sweets......

went for sisters marriage had nonstop fun for 3 days .none of us slept more than 2 -4 hrs max. Went mad at the engagement party we all jammed the dance floor till 3 in the morning .it was hell lotta fun from old to new to rock to folk to pop .The wedding day sent jitters as everything had to be managed well and by the grace of god all went well .My sister looked like a doll .may god fill her wedded life with love ,luck nd happiness.

All family members gathered under one roof ,all paternal at one side and maternals at the other and then leg pulling of the new member..
Indian weddings are really a long affair which rejuvinates everyone and brings all the family members close together...

Now the fun is all over back to work...