Sunday, November 01, 2009

All play no work....

am finally back....... :)
had real fun this entire october...



Sisters marriage

now back to work...This month looked like all play and no

Goa was fun sun and tan.Loved it though the first two days were boring but still enjoyed a lot at the beach...

Then came diwali
diwali was amazing enjoyed a lot..lots of crackers and shopping and not the least sweets and sweets......

went for sisters marriage had nonstop fun for 3 days .none of us slept more than 2 -4 hrs max. Went mad at the engagement party we all jammed the dance floor till 3 in the morning .it was hell lotta fun from old to new to rock to folk to pop .The wedding day sent jitters as everything had to be managed well and by the grace of god all went well .My sister looked like a doll .may god fill her wedded life with love ,luck nd happiness.

All family members gathered under one roof ,all paternal at one side and maternals at the other and then leg pulling of the new member..
Indian weddings are really a long affair which rejuvinates everyone and brings all the family members close together...

Now the fun is all over back to work...


  1. Nice pics! Glad you had a good time. There's something for you here:

  2. All Work and no Play makes ________ so one needs to play at times.... we work most of the part of life so Welcome Back :D


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