Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Embarassing ?? me or him

Hi all ,here am again with an embarrasing or a funny or a chopsy or a hilarious situation...
My goodself got a new hair cut this sunday as was bored with the same stylefor past 1 year.
So i got them chopped (never knew i wld be chopped later)

My new look was appreciated by most i would say and so was happy and flaunting.The next day whn i went to the office my colleague (remember our RK..)came and said what ??
I thought might be this was his way of expressing.I was in the midstof the thoughts of Oh my new look kinds.

i heard a beep sound and saw a message staring at me from my colleague.. i clicked view and i read" what happend to her it looks like she is wearing a wig and hiding the ponytail.Pls delete the msg after reading"

I was aghast and was blankly looking at his face. He was sitting quietly checking his mails for the day.Understood the entire scene the message was for other colleague of mine and bymistake he messaged me .

I could nt stop laughing but then thought it would not look good as i am the joke so in a cheerfull tone said "RK u have messaged a wrong person y dnt u msg the other person".He was dumbstuck for a moment ,the water which he was drinking just came out and coughed badly ... I said take a chill pill and its OK. You can now msg it to the other person...To cover up his mistake he said ooohh it was for you only..(as if i am a kid) I said ya i understand..
The entire day my dear colleague was not seen in vicinity and kept hiding lolssss.

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Why does this happen with me always?


  1. He! He! :D Why does it happen to you only ;)

  2. Dont knw dhiman why ??but i thin GOD loves me more ...:)Tare zameen Pe ...well someone also told that life wld be boring if such things doesnt happen in life hahahhaha


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