Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hakuna matata!!!

Hakuna matata !what a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata !!! Aint no passing craze

Loved the philosphy - no worries for the rest of days ...These days i have been thinking ya my goodself also think sometime life is too short to fight ,hate , cry , crib but we cant avoid them AGREED. Why dont we just try and ignore them -Disappear disappear Disappear.

Why dont we enjoy every moment of it. Lets celebrate the smallest of things a new coffee mug or a cricket/soccer match ...or a new client or a new deal .. or just a new day...
ya i celebrated the 4 th Bday of my swift this nov ...had pastry and kulfi yummmmmmmm

I know you would say how crazy even celebrated shahrukhs Bday..hhha a a big fan (though i dnt do that but thought of doing small things which would spread some happiness around)

if I am sad on a bad day ,I go and have some chocolate pastry or a big cuppa of hot chocolate ...believe me I feel better or go and watch cartoons orsimply the BEST SHOPPING yipeeeeee

I was quite upset with the routine office from morning to evening go back home ,eat food ,watch TV and sleep so boring ,have started going on long walks gives me time to think , analyse and plan for what more i have to do...
I want to learn swimming
Join flames salsa classes
have to start - painting after along span of time...It gives me a feeling of satisfaction and happiness within...

See a lot to do and so little time...
So Hakuna matata!!!!


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