Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Helpers a pain in disguise....?????

Maids, or helpers are an integral part of every household these days..everyone would agree to the FACT.. :)
You can live without food but not maids. After sometime they becoming a part of your family.
I have 2 maids who make life easier to live.Every now and then we get to hear about theft or murder on TV. I used to think maids in pune were far better than anywhere else . But recently burnt my hands too. I could have never known that small things in my house were being stolen when one day, the bottle of RUM i kept outside went missing. One of my friends favors RUM and only RUM and that was the reason I remembered it being left in the bottle and kept outside.
So here my friends were waiting for their peg and i went searching like MAD .I was shocked to see an empty bottle just below the sink ..who would have done that ??as I never booze and so there was noone else left ... Somehow he managed with VAT that Day!!!

The next day I enquired my maid have you seen the bottle of RUM kept here to my surprise "yes "came the answer.It fell down and i had to clean the entire cabinet said the maid. I was soooooo furious when i heard the white lie ,how come i never noticed the smell or the sound of bottle dropping.

I just kept my calm and then left from the kitchen and continued with my daily work.
When I came over to pray in our small temple i saw money mising from the minidrawer . I have routine to keep some money beneath Ganesh ji.. .I enquired the other maid whether X drinks she said in a low tone dont take my name .ya she does every now and then..
I immediately told the maid to leave ,on listening to that she raised her voice and said how could you do this ,what proof do you have ...

I felt so bad to hear first you steal and then you shout on top of that. Listening her hue and cry my neighbours came and helped me in taking the truth out .
I never treated her as a maid as she was old and helped her everynow and then with food and clothing .it really pains to see such behaviour .

I dnt even know how much i would have lost till now but now i have learnt to be safe than be sorry.

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