Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Jaago re!!!!!!

This incident happened when I was on my way to gandidham (kandla) from pune. I was travelling by train which was the only means available on the dates i had to go. So here I was sitting alone and listening to the chit chat of all around.

The train was some 1 and a haf hr away from gandidham the TC came and enquired about my ticket i said its already checked ,he simply gestured me to show the same again .I felt quite wiered but TC is a TC they can check the tickets any time ..But the tickets of other people in my compartment were not checked ..
I was a bit confused as to why me ???

After some half an hour later 2-3 men in their 40-50 started shouting and yelling get him down...how can he ???? He is not wearing the uniform also...I couldnt get the hang of the discussion.

When 3 of them came and sat on the seat opposite and discussed .The TC was drunk and that too in the day time (as most of them are drunk in the night which is true).Neiher was he wearing his uniform on top was demanding extra money ,and misbehaving. There was an elderly man whom he misbehaved and abused .3 of them one civil engg and 2 business man came together and made a written complaint against the TC .When asked for the next station number as they wanted the Tc to be medically examined and suspended for his act the counterpart (other Tc's ) refused and said they do not have any number of the stations to come. On this the trio who I think had the courage to speak up got other people along and demanded to be written on the compliant form and signed that the Tcs are not aware of the numbers of other stations on the route.

The trio made it a point to stop the train on the next station and got the Tc medicaly examined...

i dnt know whether the Tc was suspended or not but am happy for the fact that still people have the courage to come up and stand for what is not right??

how many of us would have really came forward if they would have faced such situation ??
cant Say i would have done that or not or had i been a coward to sit up quietly and see what unfolds.

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  1. I think its people like these make this country run... I too have seen people stand up for their rights .... Sometimes people are pushed to the wall maybe then they do retaliate .....


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