Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi All,
Its been a not so good day after a long time....Have been meeting clients but

nothing good is happening .Well thats how it is sometimes...And top of that we have

a review wih our seniors who are ready to have a piece of your mind...

Sometimes i think actually what meetings are :

Meetings = Get Together not a social but an official one.

Group of people sit together discuss about everything in the world except the main problem at hand.

Even though the problem is discussed then we have points to be done .The key notes which are just to be written and forgotten later.

Meetings = Messaging with each other( meri awaz suno started) + yawning + surfing net + the most imprtant nodding your head .

Sometimes meetings are also a place where you can check out whats new in market (your office)as in whose wearing what ,watches,mobiles, accessories for girls,

The most important aspect of meetings is the moment you ask a suggestion or some query the subordinates or the juniors would look left and right and never at you.

Its the best time where your boss enjoys being him and if you dare to argue (remember boss is ike a pig whom u r fighting with in the mud...)he is the one who enjoys the most...

Sometimes the meetings are too long and that too after lunch breaks so there are chances half the janta is just sleeping with eye wide open..

The last but not the least meetings have to start at the time your office closes for the day it may be 6 or 6:30 or 7 ..and that day ya that very day either you have some one waiting for you , some family member is expected at your place or even worst you have a movie to go for.

Why the hell in this world do we have meetings ???????????????

PS:Tic tc toe is best TP in meetings:)

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  1. You want all this o happen when you call for a meeting ?? :D

  2. If i evercall for a meeting they wld be short . and no need for a meeting when things can be said and done on emails ..lolssssssss

  3. Ha ! Ha! Ha! your post reminded me of the an episode of the Jaspal Bhatti's 'Flop Show' which used to be aired in DD long long time back....

  4. Meetings are indispensable when you don't want to do anything, said John Kenneth Galbraith.
    Meetings are the perfect place to waste time. They
    help chip away at the hours of the day. Be sure to
    take full advantage of this opportunity. Enjoy!! :)

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