Thursday, November 12, 2009

Something Strange Am I an Orthodox or toooooo Optimistic???

Something Strange happened with me ... Till now all of you would be aware that my
life can never go straight..Something or the other has to happen in my life...

Today when I came out of a client call and was tying my seat belt ...was in the midst of my thoughts as to how would i do my targets . A small boy came and tapped at the car window i told him to shoo away...
He said please give me some money for Shirdi Ka atta (flour for shirdi ke sai baba) i thought ok and gave him some money .
To my surprise he gave me a silver coin (looked like) with Ganeshji (Lord Ganesh)and lakshmiji (Goddess lakshmi )embedded on it and said may god bless you and all your troubles may fade...

Actually it was a mixed feeling as in somebody gave you a coin that too people who generally ask for money and was happy as he said may all your troubles fade away ..hahahah was smiling all through my drive..

Dont know what is in store.. Touch Wood

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