Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One month mark !!!

Hey All,

Celebration time i completed 1 month at the gym yahooo yes indeed its a celebration time.To all those who are thinking am a nerd whos celebrating 1 month goodself is an expert at paying the fee but never ever crossing a week mark in the gym   :)

Double dhamaka and i lost weight  .am so happy and all enthusiastic to continue more...
And firsttime in my life am feeling bad that festivals are near and am holidaying as no gym for 15 days ..nooooooo how could i afford i am loving the routine ,my new friends, the atmosphere, and last but not the least weight loss ..

I lost 2 kgs in a month and am soo very happy i know thats not that a reason to celebrate but am keeping my fingers crossed for more .

Moral of the story : At times certain losses makes you happy!!!

Wishes till 30 .........

So here i am to jot down all things to be done or done till 30..........

2) Car
3) Good Job 
4) Salary Mark
5) Marriage
6)To be with the one i love
7)To head profit center
8) visit Thailand , Zurich, London
9)To be able to give people on their face.....trying very hard but i know  i wont be able to fulfill this wish :(
10)To be a diplomat
11) To be Happy
12) Diamond neck piece
13)Reduce weight which i have gained in past 2 years..... reduced a little heheehhe happy happy
14)Kid--- still thinking..
                                                                                          lots to be done

Monday, September 06, 2010

Gym and me........

Hi All,
Long time no see on the blogosphere...i missed the fun and the rants .
But now am back :)
So here i am to rant about my gym schedule violaaaa!!!
I have finally joined the gym .Yes your goodself realised finaly that she is going to blast anyday ,so before that happens -GYM is ur saviour.
So here i was the first day where i was asked whats your goal..i said hiding my guilt to be fit..:(
So my first day included treadmill followed by cycling and then cross trainers with body stretches to finish the day ..Ohh i was so haapy that alas am game.
Went home had some juice and oat meal..I thought i would love it.lets see how many days.
Second Day: Exercises -squats 10 sittings with a repettion
calf raise
low cable
dumble press
leg curls
alt leg and hand raise
followed by abs

i was dead that day ..believe me i couldnt walk..
and i was happy that i was exercising and its just 2 days i was sad as another 2months and 28 days more to go.

Did i mentioned just opposite the gym is an awsome momos shop i feel hungry by just the mention of it. And ya u are right i went ate that what blisssss yummmmmmm
and then i was guilty but thgth would work out more.

Day 6 and am not going to the gym : courtsey am allergic to pollens and hence sneezing to glory :(
Day 7 : sunday relax -no gym and only rest.
Day 8 : i am planning to go and the thought of it is becoming stronger as the day pass.
lets hope i make it to the gym today...
Ya i made it to the gym everyone was surprised to see the lazy creature coming to the gym

Ok guys so its the Day 13 , have been regular to the gym impressed with  myself...and loving it tooooo
Mondays with maniac aerobic and the cardio
tuesday with yoga and work outs'
wednesday with bollywood rhtym and cardio again :)
am lovin it...
But to tell you no weight reduction till date ok i can just say its few grams.....
Despite of the ban on food as in carbs and  i ended up having all carbs and no proteins.....phewwwwwwww as disgonosed by my nutritonist
you should eat 1st class protein and 2 nd class protein umhhhhh milk and paneer and soy and the list goes on....
Did i Mention the weights and the repittion increase imposed on me...
Work outs :
squats 10 sittings with 3 repettion
Lunges with 2 rep.
calf raise 2rep with 5kgs weights
low cable @40 kg  i die in the end.....
 dumble press graduating to 3 kgs....
leg curls hehe 40 again..
alt leg and hand raise
followed by abs

lets see whats in store would update more as the month goes by.
till then healthy eating :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I m alone in the crowd
I am alone in the group
I am alone when we are together

I am alone
Why have the doors closed?
why have i cocooned?
why is it that everyones wrong ??
Why i have left all of them?
Why is it that am lost in my own world?
Why am not a diplomat?
why cant i cope with the fake world?
Why am proved wrong time and again when i tried to shout and yell the truth....
Why  Why why????

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tags -My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

Shilpa  tagged me for ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’ This tag says, list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.

And you must tag some blogging friends or else you will be cursed to wear blue clothes pants if you are a woman and pink shirts if you are a man – for next twelve years!!

So here you go:

1)Am the one who is running around for electricity bills, gas cylinders( no more now thank god have  piped gas now), plumbers,medicals,  Insurance ..these are a few of them.
2) Ya i did pay for my date as i dint find it cool or chivalric that guy i am dating pay for me :) 
3)I love watching the Overdrive and a lil updates on cars accessories and gadgets.:) 
4) My cars insurance , license , servicing i have to contact the vendor always for any dents in the car or service issue. 
5)Have travelled alone at various places and got back at time which  vary between 12 - 2 in the night hehehhe though was a bit scared inside but  aall was well...:)
6) Invest in stock market
7)Love playing games PSII
8)Wash my car , arranging all stuff for parties from the vendors to the cook to the return gifts ..
9)Even arranged for a duplicate license , NOC from RTO through some agents and yaa dealing with these guys oh did i say guys sorry goons at RTO is huge huge task....
10)i do drive down to cities which everyone else thinks is not a girl thing to do .

But apart from the so called Manly things mentioned above  i love pink, soft toys, chocloates, love stories , daily sops,n number of shoes, nail paints , dressess, jewellary and all girlie things ...:)

And I Tag preposterousgirl , BeforeIsleep, Tangerine

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

weekend bliss:)Gooooooooooaaaaaa

Hi All am gonna share the weekend or rather a long weekend which started from thursday and continued till sunday evening ...:)

I went to a trip to goa from office . We were a gang ya a gang of 25 ppl  all excited for a relaxed weekend away from the hot pune .
This trip was a bit different from the rest as was a new experience we were all boarding the cabs -Innovas no flights and trains like the last times. ummhh (whether the decision was right or wrong got to know when we returned back...)

Well the journey started off well all singing , joking, pulling legs , freshers rag and increasing our GK :) about them and their whereabout ..It was fun..
The weather was awsome it started  raining from belgaum . Amboli is small place with scenic beauty ,it was raining , greenery around, ..Had cutting chai(tea) and bhajiya(snacks made from gram flour).
Was in love with the weather ..only to realise later that i have started hating rains ....
The rains which started from belgam continued for 4 days till we got back to pune ..phewwwwwww

Goa was blooming ,,monsoon, greenry, the sea was roaring  ya as there were high tide. The first news which we got on reaching goa was no beaches ...:( sad ..

We somehow said okay lets see what next but Ohotel made up for our gloomy faces as the hotel is good , serene place , clean, and the staff is courteous .
We loved the courstey extended they were always there with a smile for what ever we asked. We asked for a bed to be arranged and a quilt at 4 in the morning as we were all willing to spend the night or rather day playing cards  and moving to the beach at 6 in morning .As i said a crazy bunch we are :)

I got lucky as i wanted to see some colonial homes or hotels and we went to dine at one ..It was raining like hell and loved the evening spent with half of the team dead drunk and singing in the best voices...Ya we too had a sining round where ever one had to sing something or whatever comes to his / her mind..which was obviously not in place -overdose of boozing ..
Goa would not be complete if i dont talk about Mambos ..It was fun , it was really grooving music , the best  danced til the wee hours of morning  hhehe
All in all loved it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Life Tag..

I have been  self tagged as in was surfing bloggers and landed on Life 
Here you go .... The Life Tag....

Graduated high school.
Kissed someone.
Smoked a cigarette.
Got so drunk you passed out.
Rode every ride at an amusement park.
Collected something stupid.
Gone to a rock concert.
Helped someone.
Gone fishing.
Watched four movies in one night.
Lied to someone.
Snorted cocaine.
Smoked weed.
Failed a subject.
Been in a car accident.
Been in a tornado.
Watched someone die.
Been to a funeral.
Burned yourself.
Run a marathon.
Cried yourself to sleep.
Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day.
Flown on an aeroplane.
Cheated on someone.
Been cheated on.
Written a 10 page letter.
Gone skiing.
Been sailing.
Cut yourself.
Had a best friend.
Lost someone you loved.
Got into trouble for something you didn't do.
Stolen a book from the library.
Gone to a different country.
Watched the Harry Potter movies.
Had an online diary.
Fired a gun.
Gambled in a casino.
Been in a school play.
Been fired from a job.
Taken a lie detector test.
Swam with dolphins.
Voted for someone on a reality TV show.
Written poetry.
Read more than 20 books a year.
Gone to Europe.
Loved someone you shouldn't have.
Used a colouring book over age 12.
Had a surgery.
Had stitches.
Taken a Taxi.
Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once.
Been in a fist fight.
Suffered any form of abuse.
Had a pet.
Petted a wild animal.
Had your own credit card & bought something with it.
Dyed your hair.
Got a tattoo.
Had something pierced.
Got straight As.
Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS.
Taken pictures with a webcam.
Lost something expensive.
Gone to sleep with music on.

I have done most of the stuff!lolssss :)
And anyone who reads this is tagged!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Water water- Our Coolest Saviour !!

Okay here I am to spread some gyan and is a good gyan about Water , the simplest remedy we have next to us.

Drink water, will maximize its effectiveness on the Human body.

Two (02) glass of water - After waking up - Helps activate internal organs

One (01) glasses of water - 30 minutes before meal - Help digestion

One (01) glass of water - Before taking a bath - Helps lower blood pressure

One (01) glass of water - Before sleep - To avoid stroke or heart attack

Monday, June 14, 2010

Life in a cubicle..

This is where i am hooked on ...My cubicle..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tete a tete.....

I am no loner
neither am a socialite
am a free spirit whose freedom has lost
a hearty laugh who has forgotten what it is like to laugh.
I am an extrovert ,who is coocooned now,
A bud forgotten to bloom
A smiling face with no happiness inside
A burden within
i am no extremist but want to be one
Am asked the reason to be,
to which i say the love of my life want me to be....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Roads are not meant to drive ON!!!

This is a quick post i wanted to blurt out.........
Ya i managed to nearly kill 2 sorry 4 people while i was on the way to office.
Nope i saved them.
I dont understand why on earth people have to be so slow while on road specially b/w 9 to 9:30 in the morning when everyone is running for office .
One i had lost all my patience as the traffic was so damn slow second to increase to my woes -all thanks to the Buses for them there is no lane.

I was about to go ahead when two yucky guys came from the other side of the lane and just bumped oh no just was about to make their presence on my bumper...

Thank god i missed them Thank u so much god.
I just relaxed and said Sorry God no overtaking I would also drive slow as slow as i can.
So here just 5 minutes on my way i was the apple no bitter gourd of everyone 's eye.Girls on the road !!!we knew it -what the heck !! i said to one.. to which he replied road is not meant to dream walk.Drive Fast Madam!!

I gave one strong glance to the Ganesh Idol in my car and said see this is what happens when you drive slow...

I said to myself leave it .. have a bad today!! So again i was on my way and happy finally no traffic ,just when i had this pleasant thought o no traffic 2 aliens just rushed past the road.Ya aliens coz they dont know that you are not supposed to cross the road when the green signal is ON.
Yeahhh another one would have managed to meet GOD but i saved ..see gos am really helping you out...

And i was damn frustrated.. Bad day!! Finally reached office Thinking nothing has gone wrong .But to my dismay as i was about to leave my parking my kurti got stuck in th nail and turrrrrrrrrrrrrr.So here i am sitting in the office with a torn kurti .....
Dont know whats there in store for me this day!!!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Last saturday celebrated my bday was very happy ...
Got loads of gifts and 3 cakes yummmmmmmmm chocolate truffel, fruitcake ,and chocolate ..Rum balls, dark passion and many more yummy desserts
It was heaven and adding to my ever increasing waistline..Though On Birth day you should never ever think of the Fat you are putting on.
Thank you god for the wonderful day i had.
My dear hubby despite being unwell and down with fever arranged for the entire party and amazing weekend..
love ya!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am not blank .. some thoughts are bubbling in the so called mind.
Lots to be done and not to be done things...
I am bored to death or to whatever work in office as interviews going on for new recruits..
everyone is yawning, sleeping, playing, some smoking too..
But all in all a World Sleep day it seems to me as i am too sleepy aka sealing fleepy hehehhehe feeling sleepy.
Am an introvert or an extrovert or a cocooned person...umhhhhhh or i dont know....
These days am not reading books as well..
Dumbstruck,dumb and dumber..hehhehehe


31st march 2010,was my mother retirement we were very happy . The entire family was given duties and responsibilities for the arrangements to be made. The Hall was booked , entire home was spic span clean .My brothers had arranged for garlands and return gifts to be distributed. On the eve of 30th March my granny gave mother a silver plate as a token for her retirement.She wanted to welcome her back home inthe same way as she welcomed her the day of her marriage.
My brother got a new camera clicked the snaps of mother granny and dad to check the camera for the D day celebrations...
My granny was too excited for the event happening ,she called everyone to be present at that time,even me but i refused as i had my year end closing .Damn it.

The next morning all the payments had to be made ,it was early in the morning say at 7 everyone woke up and was again busy with all the little last minute things to be done.
My dad and brother didnot wake my granny as she was too tired last night working and helping everyone.

At 8 when my dad went to Granny 's room to wake her , he was stoned .My granny was no more .She died in Her sleep with a heart failure which was detected by doctor later.
We couldn't believe our ears that she was not there.The one who was a few hours before delegating responsibility and was actively helping with a smile is no more with us.

My dad was shocked he was trembling by mere thought of it...Everything was arranged for my mothers retirement and Dadi bid adieu to all of us on the same day.

Every person whom she invited for the retirement function was now reconfirming the news that they might have got some wrong information.

People poured in when they got to know.The only reaction was yesterday we met her , or she called up, she invited us...
My mother was deeply hurt as the gift which dadi was supposed to give on the D day she gave it a day before ..has she anticipated the unforseen truth ?

Nonethless it was destined to be..

Its been a month now and my eyes fill up with tears ...

Love you Amma..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!!

Hi All,
Wishing you a very Happy Earth Day!!!
Please enjoy this day by whatever little you can do...and continue the same from today....wish me luck...

I would switch off the lights when we can work without it. .
I would switch my car engine at signals,
No plastic usage or less to an extent which i can avoid.
And last but not the least one small garden in my balcony...

Stay green and enjoy Green...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reliving some best days of my life....

School days ,i miss my schooldays i think everyone would agree to the fact.Its our golden period of life...I did my schooling from preprep to XII in all girls school .Let me tell u its one hell of an experience in Girls convent.I feel nostalgic when i look back to my school days.
The life was all about fun, books, learning,playing, friends,and last but not the least exams..
i still remember the nursery classes i got selected inSophia and they asked me colour of the lolipop which they gave me and i proudly said :green .
That was the day of my being associated with my best phase of life.
I really loved playing basket ball so the games period was the one i looked forwardn to.
I was a little on the naughtier day we had an unexpected checking of the uniform which was a norm in Sophia as soon as my turn came i just picked my friends hair band and tied on my hair..she was speachless as was [punished . i later said sorry to her .
Cleaning shoes from the back of the socks was the ritual, folding socks till the ankel was a part of the style code ,skirt length an inch or two above the knee else you are the model on the stage the next day in the assembly wearing a ghaghra(long skirt) hehehheh
Eating lunch in the 3rd period specially in the maths class was the new rule in the class vii .
One day in the assembly changed the cassette of the prayers which used to be a routine..bechara assembly boy was punished as to how could they play a hindi film song in a school.
I even pinned hankies on the skirts of my classmates and they were the joke of the day no i was not to be blamed as i was a decent kind loved by alls .
The teachers day, Sophians Day,fete,annual day,sports day were the most loved days...

I was the one who always used to love the result day not because i was an intellectual not at all i and maths were poles apart but because the results were out on the 1st of MAY - My birth Day and could escape from the scoldings.
getting up at 6 in the morning reaching school by 7 was a herculean task but never got a remark or a scolding from my teachers on studies at the least...

I even mastered the art of changing my marks once and got a nice kick on my butt from my mom as she is herself a teacher. That was the last thing i ever dared...ok 1 last thing i even played firecrackers in the class ...

The last day of my school ,shared some snaps with friends,exchang
ed address ,phone numbers , its been 12 years ..Thanks facebook and orkut for reuniting us ones more to the golden days...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


oflate have been staying in office for long ,as there is a conveyence problem gaddi with me. Its been a year or so in Feb,March there is a strict checking of outside vehicles and traffic police walas hunt you down for NOC's which is impossible to get .
I dont have a Maharashtra registration and hence am caught easily.
So my routine these day is to get hitched on a bike in the morning or catch a rick..If lucky .Pocket is soon going to be empty heheh.
Well anyhow manage to reach office and then start again for the routine calls .
These rick guys are sometimes so rude. They charge you anything showing fake rate card...

I became a victim to the same and i was told that Samna newspaper (marathi paper)has published these rates and hence our applicable to all staying in maharashtra .So had no option left but to pay 70 rs just for 5 kms..well it was not the end.

Another day had to catch a rick to kalayni nagar which might be close to 3 kms from the office and had to come back so told the rick guy that he can charge waiting and was off for my calls.
when i came back to the office i handed over the amount + the waiting charges but i was asked close to Rs100.
Thank god my colleague was with me who spoke in marathi and setteled the issue. He told him to come along and check with the Traffic Police anyways he went away groaning ...

Today it was horrible i had to go in a six seater as none of the Rick was ready to go to my place at 7 in the evening or pay half return.So decide to hook on to this ride...
It was awfully terrible is the right word.(hope u can guess my plight). This was the first time i had ever boarded a six seater..Ohhh god i was dying to get free from that mess.
All the junta was dropping over one another.So the smell of Oil, perfume,sweat, and many more Odours were free flowing.. I couldnt even say there was a seat below me rather a wooden board .My dress got torn by the nails coming out of the wooden board when i tried geeting up for my stop.
We were all dumped up like the fevicol advertisement the truck one.

Finally got to reach home. Yucks..
Not over yet i had to board a rick for some 2kms distance as was not able to walk in the schorching sun with a laptop bag a hand bag a folder and was wearing heels heheheh so i asked the rick wala what charges -nope came the answer no meter in local place have to pay 30 rs.or else none of the rick would go.
I said i wld better walk thankfuilly got a rick just 50meters ahead and dropped me to the place.

Just feel sometimes to give them a peace of mind but nothing can be done.

So eagerly waiting for April when I can drive down peacefully.

Do share if any one of you too landed in such a mess.:(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My saga of Fasting !!!!

Hey all last few days have been fasting and ceremonies as 16th march began the navratri....
We welcome goddess durga for a 9day visit to Her home.So these 9 days some people fast and some just say hi god am also there welcome to our home. ...(my husband is one of them).

So here i was the one who was fasting...
Day 1 passed with all the rituals .I was on a fruit diet was happy to reduce my increasing waistline..Atleast would reduce a bit...
Day 2: i was okay kinds that ya i can survive without food and can live on fruits and sago..heheh
Day 3 ,4,5,6,7 i was cursing myself that what a selfish person i am .I was dying to eat all the good food which was cooked daily ..from chole bhature, paneer jalfrezi,gol gappe,mutter kachori,dosa yum and last but not the least the cakes - birthday of a family friend...
At times i would just count thank god only 3 days remaining ..or 4days to go...
It was my mom's Bday that day was bliss guess -I got to eat 1 full rasogulla yum(u can eat raqsogullas in fast so my fast is till ON)

PS: the fast was not forced on me ..It was my goodself who thought it be easy to work from 9 to 6 and also fast..that was a bad decision

Day 8 :Scene changed and i was a prey to my regular achoooooooing -sneezing allergy
and here i was praying god please its the last day i dnt want to break my fast plsssssssssss.So my Mom Inlaw finally agreed and made some sago for me to eat...
i was fine in the evening then we sat for a 2hr long puja finally the day ended at 12 in the night .

Day 9: Got up at 2:30 am saw the watch still time went for sleep , got up again 5:28am shit have to make all the bhog for the godess as its the last day for the durga pujan-Ram navmi Navratri...
Let me tell you the water is tooooooo cold in the morning at 5:30 and when u dnt even have time to switch on the geaser hehehe.
The bhog -prasad was ready by 6:30 amband then went to temple to offer my prayers say by 7.The task was not over yet..have to feed 9 girls small kids .So went searching for them in the morning at 7ish..thank god found some .
Came back home and yes my fast was finally over...

Hogged on puri .suji ka halwa , aloo gobhi and mutter paneer.hehhehehe
the hogging still continues with chocolate fantasy and CAD B..

Moral of the story is : During Fasting you gain weight .

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy B'Day to you!!!

Hey All,
Today is the most important day in my life.
It my Moms B day today..20th March

Happy bday Mummy!!!
May god bless you and give you all the happiness in the world..
Thank you God for blessing me with my dearest , and bestest mother!!!

I am short of words for what you are and what all you have done for me ...
I am indebted ..
Loads of love...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


At times i feel like sitting quietly , just listening to all, dont want to Talk and just listen....
Its amazing to be in ur own world at times.
Just sit down and ponder over things going around...
I know people mite think i have gone bonkers ---me mad but its good to talk to none but ur innerself..
Its different when you observe things which you generally might overlook.
At times my friends get irritated and feel what the heck she is upto???
Whats wrong with her ??Attitude haan....

Nope dear friends its just an introspection time...
a little time i like to devote to myself and think whats going on....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aftermaths: Koregaon park bomb blast updates

Hi All,
am not going to rant about the KP blast,koregaon park blast..."german bakery...but rather the aftermaths...
to give you a background where this post is coming from goodself work at the building bang opp. german bakery and hence the hot spot splace these days...

after 2 days from the blast we could see all the channels lined up ya i meant all of them and our DD channel wala were the last in line...
result " traffic jam " ...

aLL THE MAMA LOG OUR DEAR police man were called off from the holidays back on duty and our now on every possible place on the stretch of 2 kms we can see them sleeping , talking, keeping a stern eye on you if they suspect you and even check some of your possesions.....

Their plight can be seen ..someone taking a shade near the tree and yawning ..."why the hell am i suppose to stand here"

This was not enough they have placed barracades to stop every car and 2 wheelers plying on the road which is not MH 01to in outside state..

The traffic police is minting money for the aforesaid reason...

i was one of the accussed i drive a swift plated RJ (rajasthan) so was on their mercy as to leave with a fine or take away the license.

In the meanwhile a fellow police men came and asked give 300 and leave fast ...Can u believe that.........

Well i got away with and now am on the mercy of Rickshawwala's poor me ..cant afford to pay 300 at every other lane and signal.....

Pune is reallyyyy hot in the afternoons so it is imperative for those riding a bike 2 cover their faces and wear gloves and all sort of things....

You guessed it right now they are not allowed to do the same : Reason -You could be the next terrorist in the making"...

Worst of all : Our chai tapris are all gone ...where we use to kill time,all hot topic were discussed here only sipping tea in the morning ,afternoons or the very busy 5 "0"clocks....

Jane kahan gaye woh din 13th 26 th ki yaad mein...tapri ko na bhool payenge...

All said and done "Security is really tight in Koregaon park " great work our dear Mamu's

PS: I really condemn the blast done by terrorist who took innocent lives and made a lovely place a deserted mess.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day!!!

Happy valentines Day !!!


This post is dedicated to my grand father... Baba

As i write this post comes alive all the memories of our childhood. he used to get up early in the morning say by 4:30 go for a half an hour walk come back offer prayers to the almighty.
Me and my bro use to wait for the puja to get over as then we could relish on jalebi's.
It was a routine for our summer holidays.
He was a simple man with high values and respect for everyone. He used to maintain a diary where every small and big thing would be mentioned like everyones Birth dates and he used to genuinely wish them..
Monthly budgets and recitings of God..and lottttttttof thingss..

I remember he used to make swings for me and my bro when we were kids..He got sweets and candies for us those used to be treat for us when there was a ban imposed by our parents.

He was the one to shelter us from the scoldings and beatings of our parents.
Such a simple man but a very punctual person ,timely work "Early to bed and early to rise " he used to tell us always.Stories of ramayana and short stories were the evening snackers for us.. He taught us to be brave and that there are no ghost hehehheeh

Once my grandpa asked to show off his grandsons intellect in front of his friend ..shanu whatis 5* 5= which my lil bro replied 35 hehehehhe i could not stop laughing and he (grandpa )meekly replied no 25.He used to help me with maths in my prmary sections and also helped me put covers on my notebooks every year.

Baba used to call my bro "Nitil Paul"actually "Nitin sharma " studying in ST.Pauls

He really used to like my bro- rather he was the apple of his eye.We visited our Nana 's place on sundays or Saturday evenings he used to come the other day saying "Yaad aa rahi thi baccho ki" heheh

As the time faded he started having memory loss but he never asked my parents for any help as little us filling his own water in the canter, washing his clothes by himself....

Because of the fear of my Dad's scolding (Memory loss was on its peak at that time)he used to slip away slowly and get bhajiya of onion and garlic from the market and then eatthem..My dad's biggest fear was if he forgets our back home ..or if someone just hit and run on road...but this mighty simple man was always there with a grin on his face.

We both really love and remember you
May his soul rest in peace..

Some sweet memories of my brothers and sister for Baba:
Nitin: this was the best one yaar ..really touching and nostalgic tooo... as i started reading this i went back to the days when baba used to protect me from mummy ki maar and from chintu annu on holi...yaar aaj baba ki bahut yaad aayee itnay dino baad ..this is the best of all the post s that you have written ......
U knw baba use to bring chitpati for me and use to give me one packet daily ...during diwali and i use to ckarck them one by one i cant forget that yaar .........
he used to bring biscuits for me and jalbeeee how can i forget all that ... and when we went to nanaji place he visited every sunday to meet us ...n u remeber 1k baar baba rasta bhul gayee the .....................................lekin baad main bahut koshish kay baad mil gaya tha ...

we still love you baba a lot n miss u a lot

Sweety: very true , i also remember when we used to visit ur place baba called my mom as neeru mosi and used to enquire whether she had come or not ???After doing his prayers we used to wait for the white sweet parshad he used to give .
During summers when we all stayed at naniji place baba always brought hot hot jalabi's n used cycle as the means to commute.
he always called nitin as Gajju.
Gajju u remember ur name or not :-)

he always showed something good which he had written -to mummy related to ayurvedic medicine (shayad as far i remember)
he liked people sitting and chatting with him .n u r mom used to cook bottle gourd (aka lauki)ki sabji for him.
he heeeeeeeee

he was very simple gentleman i had ever meet

we all love him .

Abhimanu: The 1st thing i remember of baba was his smile ..and the way he greeted us when ever we came to ur home...i still remember the gun the talwar and the gandasa tht we use to play for which fufaji wont allow us .... the jalebi and imarti taste is still alive on my tongue which he use to bring for us when ever he came to visit us . I love the ghost stories he use to tell us tht ghost use to walk with him and we all circled him curiously heheh ...................

a lovable systematic person i stll remember bua use to ask shanu tht check with baba ki swar aa gaya kya so tht baba can have his food.
May your soul rest in peace ..

are yaar you took us back to home town ...not in a mood to stay here any more ..........I WANT TO GO BACK HOME ...

Kittu: Simple ,innocent,caring man with confidence and his own values in life .
I have very few memories of baba bcoz i was very small at that time, but can not forget the mishri he used to give whenever entered his room and every time nitin got the big piece of mishri.
till now , some time when i m alone , i think abt story of baba and his ghost friend and every time when we met him ,i m still excited to know more abt his experience abt his friendship with ghost...
n how baba used to stay in the afternoon on the roof just for shanu -so that he could keep the kites ready with the thread tied for him to fly

bassssssssss yaar ab to mujhe ghar ki and mishri ki yaad ane lagi :-( :-( :-( :-(

**** We all Miss you Baba ********

LOVE u loads baba from all ur grand children...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

55 word fiction...

55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of
fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

The Valentine Gift....

They were not happy as the things were preceeding.
Everyday went as a routine in their life .
It was a sweet-less dessert.
She was excited for the valentines day!!
she saved a little penny every time to gift her soul mate
she had never imagined....
that her valentines gift was the divorce paper.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eagerly waiting for visa!!!!!

hello everyone who is eagerly waiting for visa....

Your wait ends here...

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tears and stuff......

Tears fill up my eyes
Just ready to roll down
I tried too hard
Not to let them reveal
What I tried to conceal……

Was it my fault
That I was destined to this assault
Good for such a fool like me…
I conveyed to my heart


my fortune for today :

Good humour makes all things tolerable

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2 states:..The story of my marriage

Boy loves Girl. Girl loves Boy.
Girl's family has to love boy. Boy's family has to love girl.
Girl's Family has to love Boy's Family. Boy's family has to love girl's family.
Girl and Boy still love each other. They get married.

and thats the biggest problem in the world over Girl's Family has to love Boy's Family. Boy's family has to love girl's family.

North indian v/s south indian as in karela woh bhi neem chadha ..heheh punjabis the most show off community the world over with the southies.. the simplest matter how well to do -22/7r2h(pie rsquare h)is the best dress they ever wear...

loved the way the entire story progressed times could relate to many event in my life too (east v/s west).


A hard core brahmin married to a bong ( fish is the world ) .Brahmin where there is no onion or garlic allowed in the house v/s chicken ,mutton and fish would be like the entire family is going down the drain...

It is really a hell lot of trouble making happy the new matter how hard you try there is always a point which is left to be criticised..
But it really feels so good when you hear your praise from them..

Well its a light and entertaining read ...must read for those who have tied the nuptial knot and are from 2 diff states ,religion

But all said and done a little try and extra love can solve all the problems hhhehe

Amazing ups and down the book takes you to....
This book is really loved by this generation i guess as most are married from diff states..

Back to life!!!!

Hey everyone i have been into oblivion from past 2 months was tied up in a lot of activities .
December being the celebration month.
Birthdays,christmas, new year parties and last but not the least My office targets as in Q3 targets .

Loved the month as it was progressing ,even planned to take a break for few days christmas holidays but all thanks to my asthama was bedridden for 3- 4days.
Now it has become an integral part of my life hahahah.

Christmas was real fun ,saw 3 idiots amazing movie 10/10 ...
Loved the All izz well funda..
the way guys mixed the exam papers
the elecrtic shock,
the induction,
the paneer 12/kg
the sahastrabuddhe part
specially khakhra ,phaphda, and stuff
not to forget the Speech

we were so happy as it was a house full still managed to get a ticket first day first show ..Voila!!!

Had a gala lunch at hakka duration 2.5 hrs lolssssssss amazing enjoyed a lot from honey potato chilly, to gobhi manchurion to spring rolls,garlic noodles, plum cake, ice creams, fruit salad and i am missing on custard,gulab jamun , strawberry shake ,and more things which i dont remember now.

then came new year week ,really enjoyed decorating my space at the office with ballons and stuff..

i really have that feel good factor as the new year approaches... like a little kid who is happy to enter a new class every year..whats new is in store and what good oppurtunities awaits.

Had a party at the office a small get together kinds .with some 10 minutes quiz on general topics,then a game where we need to throw the egg wrapped in a newspaper on the wall and it shldnt break...

Amazing all frustration of the year came out on the wall hehehhahhaha.

Then rushed home for the next party all roads blocked thought would not be able to reach home on time ..Finally made it home on time ..

Went to radisson and had a great experience Dj played till 2 loved the entire evening as it progressed ..

Tasted Wine for the first time yuckssss i know one of a kind that i am dnt liked it.
ordered orange juice ...rum followed .excused vodka...

Got up at 11the other day the entire day went wishing everyone a blessed and a stress free new year hahahhahaha.

guest came in the evening and hence the new year was a party affair...

Now am sitting and cribbing .was upset for last two days over the target issue but now the feeling has sunked in that i wnt be achieving this Qtr.

well better luck for the next qtr till then cheers !!!!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


happy new year to all of you!!!!!!!