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This post is dedicated to my grand father... Baba

As i write this post comes alive all the memories of our childhood. he used to get up early in the morning say by 4:30 go for a half an hour walk come back offer prayers to the almighty.
Me and my bro use to wait for the puja to get over as then we could relish on jalebi's.
It was a routine for our summer holidays.
He was a simple man with high values and respect for everyone. He used to maintain a diary where every small and big thing would be mentioned like everyones Birth dates and he used to genuinely wish them..
Monthly budgets and recitings of God..and lottttttttof thingss..

I remember he used to make swings for me and my bro when we were kids..He got sweets and candies for us those used to be treat for us when there was a ban imposed by our parents.

He was the one to shelter us from the scoldings and beatings of our parents.
Such a simple man but a very punctual person ,timely work "Early to bed and early to rise " he used to tell us always.Stories of ramayana and short stories were the evening snackers for us.. He taught us to be brave and that there are no ghost hehehheeh

Once my grandpa asked to show off his grandsons intellect in front of his friend ..shanu whatis 5* 5= which my lil bro replied 35 hehehehhe i could not stop laughing and he (grandpa )meekly replied no 25.He used to help me with maths in my prmary sections and also helped me put covers on my notebooks every year.

Baba used to call my bro "Nitil Paul"actually "Nitin sharma " studying in ST.Pauls

He really used to like my bro- rather he was the apple of his eye.We visited our Nana 's place on sundays or Saturday evenings he used to come the other day saying "Yaad aa rahi thi baccho ki" heheh

As the time faded he started having memory loss but he never asked my parents for any help as little us filling his own water in the canter, washing his clothes by himself....

Because of the fear of my Dad's scolding (Memory loss was on its peak at that time)he used to slip away slowly and get bhajiya of onion and garlic from the market and then eatthem..My dad's biggest fear was if he forgets our back home ..or if someone just hit and run on road...but this mighty simple man was always there with a grin on his face.

We both really love and remember you
May his soul rest in peace..

Some sweet memories of my brothers and sister for Baba:
Nitin: this was the best one yaar ..really touching and nostalgic tooo... as i started reading this i went back to the days when baba used to protect me from mummy ki maar and from chintu annu on holi...yaar aaj baba ki bahut yaad aayee itnay dino baad ..this is the best of all the post s that you have written ......
U knw baba use to bring chitpati for me and use to give me one packet daily ...during diwali and i use to ckarck them one by one i cant forget that yaar .........
he used to bring biscuits for me and jalbeeee how can i forget all that ... and when we went to nanaji place he visited every sunday to meet us ...n u remeber 1k baar baba rasta bhul gayee the .....................................lekin baad main bahut koshish kay baad mil gaya tha ...

we still love you baba a lot n miss u a lot

Sweety: very true , i also remember when we used to visit ur place baba called my mom as neeru mosi and used to enquire whether she had come or not ???After doing his prayers we used to wait for the white sweet parshad he used to give .
During summers when we all stayed at naniji place baba always brought hot hot jalabi's n used cycle as the means to commute.
he always called nitin as Gajju.
Gajju u remember ur name or not :-)

he always showed something good which he had written -to mummy related to ayurvedic medicine (shayad as far i remember)
he liked people sitting and chatting with him .n u r mom used to cook bottle gourd (aka lauki)ki sabji for him.
he heeeeeeeee

he was very simple gentleman i had ever meet

we all love him .

Abhimanu: The 1st thing i remember of baba was his smile ..and the way he greeted us when ever we came to ur home...i still remember the gun the talwar and the gandasa tht we use to play for which fufaji wont allow us .... the jalebi and imarti taste is still alive on my tongue which he use to bring for us when ever he came to visit us . I love the ghost stories he use to tell us tht ghost use to walk with him and we all circled him curiously heheh ...................

a lovable systematic person i stll remember bua use to ask shanu tht check with baba ki swar aa gaya kya so tht baba can have his food.
May your soul rest in peace ..

are yaar you took us back to home town ...not in a mood to stay here any more ..........I WANT TO GO BACK HOME ...

Kittu: Simple ,innocent,caring man with confidence and his own values in life .
I have very few memories of baba bcoz i was very small at that time, but can not forget the mishri he used to give whenever entered his room and every time nitin got the big piece of mishri.
till now , some time when i m alone , i think abt story of baba and his ghost friend and every time when we met him ,i m still excited to know more abt his experience abt his friendship with ghost...
n how baba used to stay in the afternoon on the roof just for shanu -so that he could keep the kites ready with the thread tied for him to fly

bassssssssss yaar ab to mujhe ghar ki and mishri ki yaad ane lagi :-( :-( :-( :-(

**** We all Miss you Baba ********

LOVE u loads baba from all ur grand children...

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