Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reliving some best days of my life....

School days ,i miss my schooldays i think everyone would agree to the fact.Its our golden period of life...I did my schooling from preprep to XII in all girls school .Let me tell u its one hell of an experience in Girls convent.I feel nostalgic when i look back to my school days.
The life was all about fun, books, learning,playing, friends,and last but not the least exams..
i still remember the nursery classes i got selected inSophia and they asked me colour of the lolipop which they gave me and i proudly said :green .
That was the day of my being associated with my best phase of life.
I really loved playing basket ball so the games period was the one i looked forwardn to.
I was a little on the naughtier side..one day we had an unexpected checking of the uniform which was a norm in Sophia as soon as my turn came i just picked my friends hair band and tied on my hair..she was speachless as was [punished . i later said sorry to her .
Cleaning shoes from the back of the socks was the ritual, folding socks till the ankel was a part of the style code ,skirt length an inch or two above the knee else you are the model on the stage the next day in the assembly wearing a ghaghra(long skirt) hehehheh
Eating lunch in the 3rd period specially in the maths class was the new rule in the class vii .
One day in the assembly changed the cassette of the prayers which used to be a routine..bechara assembly boy was punished as to how could they play a hindi film song in a school.
I even pinned hankies on the skirts of my classmates and they were the joke of the day no i was not to be blamed as i was a decent kind loved by alls .
The teachers day, Sophians Day,fete,annual day,sports day were the most loved days...

I was the one who always used to love the result day not because i was an intellectual not at all i and maths were poles apart but because the results were out on the 1st of MAY - My birth Day and could escape from the scoldings.
getting up at 6 in the morning reaching school by 7 was a herculean task but never got a remark or a scolding from my teachers on studies at the least...

I even mastered the art of changing my marks once and got a nice kick on my butt from my mom as she is herself a teacher. That was the last thing i ever dared...ok 1 last thing i even played firecrackers in the class ...

The last day of my school ,shared some snaps with friends,exchang
ed address ,phone numbers , its been 12 years ..Thanks facebook and orkut for reuniting us ones more to the golden days...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


oflate have been staying in office for long ,as there is a conveyence problem ..no gaddi with me. Its been a year or so in Feb,March there is a strict checking of outside vehicles and traffic police walas hunt you down for NOC's which is impossible to get .
I dont have a Maharashtra registration and hence am caught easily.
So my routine these day is to get hitched on a bike in the morning or catch a rick..If lucky .Pocket is soon going to be empty heheh.
Well anyhow manage to reach office and then start again for the routine calls .
These rick guys are sometimes so rude. They charge you anything showing fake rate card...

I became a victim to the same and i was told that Samna newspaper (marathi paper)has published these rates and hence our applicable to all staying in maharashtra .So had no option left but to pay 70 rs just for 5 kms..well it was not the end.

Another day had to catch a rick to kalayni nagar which might be close to 3 kms from the office and had to come back so told the rick guy that he can charge waiting and was off for my calls.
when i came back to the office i handed over the amount + the waiting charges but i was asked close to Rs100.
Thank god my colleague was with me who spoke in marathi and setteled the issue. He told him to come along and check with the Traffic Police anyways he went away groaning ...

Today it was horrible i had to go in a six seater as none of the Rick was ready to go to my place at 7 in the evening or pay half return.So decide to hook on to this ride...
It was awfully terrible is the right word.(hope u can guess my plight). This was the first time i had ever boarded a six seater..Ohhh god i was dying to get free from that mess.
All the junta was dropping over one another.So the smell of Oil, perfume,sweat, and many more Odours were free flowing.. I couldnt even say there was a seat below me rather a wooden board .My dress got torn by the nails coming out of the wooden board when i tried geeting up for my stop.
We were all dumped up like the fevicol advertisement the truck one.

Finally got to reach home. Yucks..
Not over yet i had to board a rick for some 2kms distance as was not able to walk in the schorching sun with a laptop bag a hand bag a folder and was wearing heels heheheh so i asked the rick wala what charges -nope came the answer no meter in local place have to pay 30 rs.or else none of the rick would go.
I said i wld better walk thankfuilly got a rick just 50meters ahead and dropped me to the place.

Just feel sometimes to give them a peace of mind but nothing can be done.

So eagerly waiting for April when I can drive down peacefully.

Do share if any one of you too landed in such a mess.:(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My saga of Fasting !!!!

Hey all last few days have been fasting and ceremonies as 16th march began the navratri....
We welcome goddess durga for a 9day visit to Her home.So these 9 days some people fast and some just say hi god am also there welcome to our home. ...(my husband is one of them).

So here i was the one who was fasting...
Day 1 passed with all the rituals .I was on a fruit diet was happy to reduce my increasing waistline..Atleast would reduce a bit...
Day 2: i was okay kinds that ya i can survive without food and can live on fruits and sago..heheh
Day 3 ,4,5,6,7 i was cursing myself that what a selfish person i am .I was dying to eat all the good food which was cooked daily ..from chole bhature, paneer jalfrezi,gol gappe,mutter kachori,dosa yum and last but not the least the cakes - birthday of a family friend...
At times i would just count thank god only 3 days remaining ..or 4days to go...
It was my mom's Bday that day was bliss guess -I got to eat 1 full rasogulla yum(u can eat raqsogullas in fast so my fast is till ON)

PS: the fast was not forced on me ..It was my goodself who thought it be easy to work from 9 to 6 and also fast..that was a bad decision

Day 8 :Scene changed and i was a prey to my regular achoooooooing -sneezing allergy
and here i was praying god please its the last day i dnt want to break my fast plsssssssssss.So my Mom Inlaw finally agreed and made some sago for me to eat...
i was fine in the evening then we sat for a 2hr long puja finally the day ended at 12 in the night .

Day 9: Got up at 2:30 am saw the watch still time went for sleep , got up again 5:28am shit have to make all the bhog for the godess as its the last day for the durga pujan-Ram navmi Navratri...
Let me tell you the water is tooooooo cold in the morning at 5:30 and when u dnt even have time to switch on the geaser hehehe.
The bhog -prasad was ready by 6:30 amband then went to temple to offer my prayers say by 7.The task was not over yet..have to feed 9 girls small kids .So went searching for them in the morning at 7ish..thank god found some .
Came back home and yes my fast was finally over...

Hogged on puri .suji ka halwa , aloo gobhi and mutter paneer.hehhehehe
the hogging still continues with chocolate fantasy and CAD B..

Moral of the story is : During Fasting you gain weight .

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy B'Day to you!!!

Hey All,
Today is the most important day in my life.
It my Moms B day today..20th March

Happy bday Mummy!!!
May god bless you and give you all the happiness in the world..
Thank you God for blessing me with my dearest , and bestest mother!!!

I am short of words for what you are and what all you have done for me ...
I am indebted ..
Loads of love...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


At times i feel like sitting quietly , just listening to all, dont want to Talk and just listen....
Its amazing to be in ur own world at times.
Just sit down and ponder over things going around...
I know people mite think i have gone bonkers ---me mad but its good to talk to none but ur innerself..
Its different when you observe things which you generally might overlook.
At times my friends get irritated and feel what the heck she is upto???
Whats wrong with her ??Attitude haan....

Nope dear friends its just an introspection time...
a little time i like to devote to myself and think whats going on....