Thursday, March 25, 2010


oflate have been staying in office for long ,as there is a conveyence problem gaddi with me. Its been a year or so in Feb,March there is a strict checking of outside vehicles and traffic police walas hunt you down for NOC's which is impossible to get .
I dont have a Maharashtra registration and hence am caught easily.
So my routine these day is to get hitched on a bike in the morning or catch a rick..If lucky .Pocket is soon going to be empty heheh.
Well anyhow manage to reach office and then start again for the routine calls .
These rick guys are sometimes so rude. They charge you anything showing fake rate card...

I became a victim to the same and i was told that Samna newspaper (marathi paper)has published these rates and hence our applicable to all staying in maharashtra .So had no option left but to pay 70 rs just for 5 kms..well it was not the end.

Another day had to catch a rick to kalayni nagar which might be close to 3 kms from the office and had to come back so told the rick guy that he can charge waiting and was off for my calls.
when i came back to the office i handed over the amount + the waiting charges but i was asked close to Rs100.
Thank god my colleague was with me who spoke in marathi and setteled the issue. He told him to come along and check with the Traffic Police anyways he went away groaning ...

Today it was horrible i had to go in a six seater as none of the Rick was ready to go to my place at 7 in the evening or pay half return.So decide to hook on to this ride...
It was awfully terrible is the right word.(hope u can guess my plight). This was the first time i had ever boarded a six seater..Ohhh god i was dying to get free from that mess.
All the junta was dropping over one another.So the smell of Oil, perfume,sweat, and many more Odours were free flowing.. I couldnt even say there was a seat below me rather a wooden board .My dress got torn by the nails coming out of the wooden board when i tried geeting up for my stop.
We were all dumped up like the fevicol advertisement the truck one.

Finally got to reach home. Yucks..
Not over yet i had to board a rick for some 2kms distance as was not able to walk in the schorching sun with a laptop bag a hand bag a folder and was wearing heels heheheh so i asked the rick wala what charges -nope came the answer no meter in local place have to pay 30 rs.or else none of the rick would go.
I said i wld better walk thankfuilly got a rick just 50meters ahead and dropped me to the place.

Just feel sometimes to give them a peace of mind but nothing can be done.

So eagerly waiting for April when I can drive down peacefully.

Do share if any one of you too landed in such a mess.:(

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