Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am not blank .. some thoughts are bubbling in the so called mind.
Lots to be done and not to be done things...
I am bored to death or to whatever work in office as interviews going on for new recruits..
everyone is yawning, sleeping, playing, some smoking too..
But all in all a World Sleep day it seems to me as i am too sleepy aka sealing fleepy hehehhehe feeling sleepy.
Am an introvert or an extrovert or a cocooned person...umhhhhhh or i dont know....
These days am not reading books as well..
Dumbstruck,dumb and dumber..hehhehehe


31st march 2010,was my mother retirement we were very happy . The entire family was given duties and responsibilities for the arrangements to be made. The Hall was booked , entire home was spic span clean .My brothers had arranged for garlands and return gifts to be distributed. On the eve of 30th March my granny gave mother a silver plate as a token for her retirement.She wanted to welcome her back home inthe same way as she welcomed her the day of her marriage.
My brother got a new camera clicked the snaps of mother granny and dad to check the camera for the D day celebrations...
My granny was too excited for the event happening ,she called everyone to be present at that time,even me but i refused as i had my year end closing .Damn it.

The next morning all the payments had to be made ,it was early in the morning say at 7 everyone woke up and was again busy with all the little last minute things to be done.
My dad and brother didnot wake my granny as she was too tired last night working and helping everyone.

At 8 when my dad went to Granny 's room to wake her , he was stoned .My granny was no more .She died in Her sleep with a heart failure which was detected by doctor later.
We couldn't believe our ears that she was not there.The one who was a few hours before delegating responsibility and was actively helping with a smile is no more with us.

My dad was shocked he was trembling by mere thought of it...Everything was arranged for my mothers retirement and Dadi bid adieu to all of us on the same day.

Every person whom she invited for the retirement function was now reconfirming the news that they might have got some wrong information.

People poured in when they got to know.The only reaction was yesterday we met her , or she called up, she invited us...
My mother was deeply hurt as the gift which dadi was supposed to give on the D day she gave it a day before ..has she anticipated the unforseen truth ?

Nonethless it was destined to be..

Its been a month now and my eyes fill up with tears ...

Love you Amma..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!!

Hi All,
Wishing you a very Happy Earth Day!!!
Please enjoy this day by whatever little you can do...and continue the same from today....wish me luck...

I would switch off the lights when we can work without it. .
I would switch my car engine at signals,
No plastic usage or less to an extent which i can avoid.
And last but not the least one small garden in my balcony...

Stay green and enjoy Green...