Thursday, May 20, 2010

Roads are not meant to drive ON!!!

This is a quick post i wanted to blurt out.........
Ya i managed to nearly kill 2 sorry 4 people while i was on the way to office.
Nope i saved them.
I dont understand why on earth people have to be so slow while on road specially b/w 9 to 9:30 in the morning when everyone is running for office .
One i had lost all my patience as the traffic was so damn slow second to increase to my woes -all thanks to the Buses for them there is no lane.

I was about to go ahead when two yucky guys came from the other side of the lane and just bumped oh no just was about to make their presence on my bumper...

Thank god i missed them Thank u so much god.
I just relaxed and said Sorry God no overtaking I would also drive slow as slow as i can.
So here just 5 minutes on my way i was the apple no bitter gourd of everyone 's eye.Girls on the road !!!we knew it -what the heck !! i said to one.. to which he replied road is not meant to dream walk.Drive Fast Madam!!

I gave one strong glance to the Ganesh Idol in my car and said see this is what happens when you drive slow...

I said to myself leave it .. have a bad today!! So again i was on my way and happy finally no traffic ,just when i had this pleasant thought o no traffic 2 aliens just rushed past the road.Ya aliens coz they dont know that you are not supposed to cross the road when the green signal is ON.
Yeahhh another one would have managed to meet GOD but i saved ..see gos am really helping you out...

And i was damn frustrated.. Bad day!! Finally reached office Thinking nothing has gone wrong .But to my dismay as i was about to leave my parking my kurti got stuck in th nail and turrrrrrrrrrrrrr.So here i am sitting in the office with a torn kurti .....
Dont know whats there in store for me this day!!!!

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