Saturday, July 10, 2010


I m alone in the crowd
I am alone in the group
I am alone when we are together

I am alone
Why have the doors closed?
why have i cocooned?
why is it that everyones wrong ??
Why i have left all of them?
Why is it that am lost in my own world?
Why am not a diplomat?
why cant i cope with the fake world?
Why am proved wrong time and again when i tried to shout and yell the truth....
Why  Why why????

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tags -My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

Shilpa  tagged me for ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’ This tag says, list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.

And you must tag some blogging friends or else you will be cursed to wear blue clothes pants if you are a woman and pink shirts if you are a man – for next twelve years!!

So here you go:

1)Am the one who is running around for electricity bills, gas cylinders( no more now thank god have  piped gas now), plumbers,medicals,  Insurance ..these are a few of them.
2) Ya i did pay for my date as i dint find it cool or chivalric that guy i am dating pay for me :) 
3)I love watching the Overdrive and a lil updates on cars accessories and gadgets.:) 
4) My cars insurance , license , servicing i have to contact the vendor always for any dents in the car or service issue. 
5)Have travelled alone at various places and got back at time which  vary between 12 - 2 in the night hehehhe though was a bit scared inside but  aall was well...:)
6) Invest in stock market
7)Love playing games PSII
8)Wash my car , arranging all stuff for parties from the vendors to the cook to the return gifts ..
9)Even arranged for a duplicate license , NOC from RTO through some agents and yaa dealing with these guys oh did i say guys sorry goons at RTO is huge huge task....
10)i do drive down to cities which everyone else thinks is not a girl thing to do .

But apart from the so called Manly things mentioned above  i love pink, soft toys, chocloates, love stories , daily sops,n number of shoes, nail paints , dressess, jewellary and all girlie things ...:)

And I Tag preposterousgirl , BeforeIsleep, Tangerine

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

weekend bliss:)Gooooooooooaaaaaa

Hi All am gonna share the weekend or rather a long weekend which started from thursday and continued till sunday evening ...:)

I went to a trip to goa from office . We were a gang ya a gang of 25 ppl  all excited for a relaxed weekend away from the hot pune .
This trip was a bit different from the rest as was a new experience we were all boarding the cabs -Innovas no flights and trains like the last times. ummhh (whether the decision was right or wrong got to know when we returned back...)

Well the journey started off well all singing , joking, pulling legs , freshers rag and increasing our GK :) about them and their whereabout ..It was fun..
The weather was awsome it started  raining from belgaum . Amboli is small place with scenic beauty ,it was raining , greenery around, ..Had cutting chai(tea) and bhajiya(snacks made from gram flour).
Was in love with the weather ..only to realise later that i have started hating rains ....
The rains which started from belgam continued for 4 days till we got back to pune ..phewwwwwww

Goa was blooming ,,monsoon, greenry, the sea was roaring  ya as there were high tide. The first news which we got on reaching goa was no beaches ...:( sad ..

We somehow said okay lets see what next but Ohotel made up for our gloomy faces as the hotel is good , serene place , clean, and the staff is courteous .
We loved the courstey extended they were always there with a smile for what ever we asked. We asked for a bed to be arranged and a quilt at 4 in the morning as we were all willing to spend the night or rather day playing cards  and moving to the beach at 6 in morning .As i said a crazy bunch we are :)

I got lucky as i wanted to see some colonial homes or hotels and we went to dine at one ..It was raining like hell and loved the evening spent with half of the team dead drunk and singing in the best voices...Ya we too had a sining round where ever one had to sing something or whatever comes to his / her mind..which was obviously not in place -overdose of boozing ..
Goa would not be complete if i dont talk about Mambos ..It was fun , it was really grooving music , the best  danced til the wee hours of morning  hhehe
All in all loved it.