Monday, September 06, 2010

Gym and me........

Hi All,
Long time no see on the blogosphere...i missed the fun and the rants .
But now am back :)
So here i am to rant about my gym schedule violaaaa!!!
I have finally joined the gym .Yes your goodself realised finaly that she is going to blast anyday ,so before that happens -GYM is ur saviour.
So here i was the first day where i was asked whats your goal..i said hiding my guilt to be fit..:(
So my first day included treadmill followed by cycling and then cross trainers with body stretches to finish the day ..Ohh i was so haapy that alas am game.
Went home had some juice and oat meal..I thought i would love it.lets see how many days.
Second Day: Exercises -squats 10 sittings with a repettion
calf raise
low cable
dumble press
leg curls
alt leg and hand raise
followed by abs

i was dead that day ..believe me i couldnt walk..
and i was happy that i was exercising and its just 2 days i was sad as another 2months and 28 days more to go.

Did i mentioned just opposite the gym is an awsome momos shop i feel hungry by just the mention of it. And ya u are right i went ate that what blisssss yummmmmmm
and then i was guilty but thgth would work out more.

Day 6 and am not going to the gym : courtsey am allergic to pollens and hence sneezing to glory :(
Day 7 : sunday relax -no gym and only rest.
Day 8 : i am planning to go and the thought of it is becoming stronger as the day pass.
lets hope i make it to the gym today...
Ya i made it to the gym everyone was surprised to see the lazy creature coming to the gym

Ok guys so its the Day 13 , have been regular to the gym impressed with  myself...and loving it tooooo
Mondays with maniac aerobic and the cardio
tuesday with yoga and work outs'
wednesday with bollywood rhtym and cardio again :)
am lovin it...
But to tell you no weight reduction till date ok i can just say its few grams.....
Despite of the ban on food as in carbs and  i ended up having all carbs and no proteins.....phewwwwwwww as disgonosed by my nutritonist
you should eat 1st class protein and 2 nd class protein umhhhhh milk and paneer and soy and the list goes on....
Did i Mention the weights and the repittion increase imposed on me...
Work outs :
squats 10 sittings with 3 repettion
Lunges with 2 rep.
calf raise 2rep with 5kgs weights
low cable @40 kg  i die in the end.....
 dumble press graduating to 3 kgs....
leg curls hehe 40 again..
alt leg and hand raise
followed by abs

lets see whats in store would update more as the month goes by.
till then healthy eating :)

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