Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One month mark !!!

Hey All,

Celebration time i completed 1 month at the gym yahooo yes indeed its a celebration time.To all those who are thinking am a nerd whos celebrating 1 month goodself is an expert at paying the fee but never ever crossing a week mark in the gym   :)

Double dhamaka and i lost weight  .am so happy and all enthusiastic to continue more...
And firsttime in my life am feeling bad that festivals are near and am holidaying as no gym for 15 days ..nooooooo how could i afford i am loving the routine ,my new friends, the atmosphere, and last but not the least weight loss ..

I lost 2 kgs in a month and am soo very happy i know thats not that a reason to celebrate but am keeping my fingers crossed for more .

Moral of the story : At times certain losses makes you happy!!!

Wishes till 30 .........

So here i am to jot down all things to be done or done till 30..........

2) Car
3) Good Job 
4) Salary Mark
5) Marriage
6)To be with the one i love
7)To head profit center
8) visit Thailand , Zurich, London
9)To be able to give people on their face.....trying very hard but i know  i wont be able to fulfill this wish :(
10)To be a diplomat
11) To be Happy
12) Diamond neck piece
13)Reduce weight which i have gained in past 2 years..... reduced a little heheehhe happy happy
14)Kid--- still thinking..
                                                                                          lots to be done