Thursday, January 27, 2011

The saga of sanskars and stuff...

How i believed the society in which i live and thrive is a society which just talks about the upliftment of women, the right to live, freedom to study , Women the future , and probably women the soul of a family .
Being a girl is still a taboo i knew ,i heard from people but never had an exposure to it.
I grew up in an envioronment where my bro and me were treated as equals , We never had a discrimination about u are a girl and so u ought to do these things. Moreover my ma taught my bro to prepare his food, wash his own clothes,so that he doesnt look upon others to do his work.
The so called air of being a girl was all lost somewhere when reality hit me. I never existed what all i have learned is nothing ,i need to unlearn what all has been taught by my parents.

The so called sanskars aka values of a girl are:
You are and will always remain under a guy.
You can never be worthy than a guy .
You are always a second thought on everyhting in this world
You cannot eat food before a guy.( basic things in life), moreover all the leftovers are for you .All the fresh food and stuff is not for you.You wont die if you eat some stale food
You cannot sleep more than a guy probably even if you go out to work you are not supposed to get tired .
You are a liablity on your family.
You cannot keep your surname after marriage .
In many families there is a rule to change the brides name as a ritual.What about your own identity??
Whatever you do is your duty and much more .( as if we are born slaves)
A girl should always consider her husbands family as his own and leave her parents to destiny
Its our duty to take care of all the members of the family and nobody is there to care for you.You should take care of urself .
Probably if you fall sick you were not given a proper diet and food by your parents .Your upbringing  is questioned but if a guy falls sick he might have worked hard, or due to bad weather. or probably the numerous reasons to it.
 The best is you need to take permission about going out and whom you are meeting to.
How on earth a girl needs to ask permission to meet her parents , her family .
People have guts to deny parents the right to meet their daughter.
The most hilarious one is if you donot apply vermillion on your forehead your husband would have an illfate or would die soon.
If you apply a vermillion on your head he would live longer what about his drinks , fag and other stuff these would not at all contribute to the health.
The best one if you cook rice without taking a bath it would bring troubles in family, would lead to some monetary losses.
God please give me some break .
This is just what i gathered from various sources...If you have some more sanskars aka values to share you are most welcome   :)

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