Tuesday, April 24, 2012

mumbai meri jaann!! episode 1

I dreaded  the thought of coming to mumbai and being a part of the same but as you know whatever i dont want from the bottom of my  heart i do get it for sure.
So here i was in mumbai  oct 17th 2011...
I was excited ,that everything would fall in place and would be no difference either mumbai or pune. But the horror stuck me at 8:30 in the morning when i saw the overloaded trains - the swarming crowd like ants on a sweet . I just thought why rush i would take another train let it go, so went the train 1, train 2, train 3, and so on...
Then i  thought take the plunge take gods name and get in..By gods grace as i was standing near the train in the thoughts of climbing the train a big push from behind and i was inside the local -in no time . wowwwwwww was the feeling i did it i did it.
How childish  people might think but guys its really a big task mumbai locals. Entire india travelled in local trains could see women of all age caste creed colour .

So finally got in now came the time to get down though it was easy as most of the crowd got down at dadar and i had to travel to elphinstone .I came out happily , and was waiting for a rick but there was no single rick available .
Waited again for sometime and was amazed to see a long never ending queue ,  for what??Then reality struck it was for shared cabs to reach offices which the office goers do on this side of the city - South mumbai.
Anyhow i managed to reach office .

the clock struck 6 and my mind started racing  i wont take the train let me try bus as they might be convenient as my colleague suggested. Here was miss confused  ready to explore . Got a bus at 6;15 thought good  its all empty .Feeling proud of myself amidst the thought of conquering the city ,  heard some crying and shouting to realize 2 females fighting for a seat and people falling over each other . My neighbour tapped on my shoulder and said new - i nodded in agreement she said it a daily routine do not bother enjoy. Every time the bus stopped i asked for my stop the girl next to me said do not worry she would get down at the same stop . Hearing her words got a sigh of relief .
The bus was jampacked with no air coming in but lots of air staying in...it was a mixture of all sorts of aroma ,smell , sweat , noise ,crying , chatting , fighting ,laughing here the poor soul was waiting to get down from the overburdening never ending crowd .
It was a good mumbai darshan though on my way from worli to juhu got to see every lane and by lanes of the route phewwwww.

It was 8:35pm  -2hrs 20 minutes  and i realised i cant sit anymore in the bus and was restless when my helping neighbour said it was also her first day in this bus and we decided to finally get down and board a rick.

So was on roads searching for rick at 8:45pm finally hit the jack pot at 9 reached home at :9:15.
Thanked that lovely lady- a total stranger  who helped  me reach my destination.
The day ended ....